Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ten little baby toes

Here's a song I made up for the newest addition to our family. Enjoy.

I’ve got ten little baby toes

And one little baby nose

Two baby elbows

And two baby earlobes

Two little baby eyes

And two little baby thighs

And two little baby lungs to help me cry


I’ve got one little baby face

With two little chubby cheeks

And one little baby mouth

But no little baby teeth

I’ve got two little baby hands

With two little baby thumbs

And one little diaper to cover my baby bum


I’ve got one little baby family

My butler, chef and nanny

They put me in pajamies

And clean and wipe my fanny

They play games like peek-a-boo

And they love whatever I do

And they always come running whenever I say boo-hoo


1 comment:

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