Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bullet Killer

I’m a gladiator ninja, don’t mess with me

I drive an army helicopter and I live in a tree

I’ve got grizzly bears and guns as far as I can see

You gotta pay for my rhymes, you don’t get ‘em for free

I’ve got rocket fuel bubbling in my veins

Voodoo lightning charging through my brains

I eat fossils and apostles and atomic trains

And my wallet grows fatter every time that it rains

I’m an insane Kung-Fu genius, I can’t die

I can shred you just by giving you the evil eye

All my bears have wolves and all the wolves have knives

I’ll sell a nickel for a dollar and I don’t even try

You’ll get a soul stopping smack if you get in my way

I break the laws of time and gravity every day

I’m a predatory player, but I don’t play

When I lay the rhymes down, you must obey