Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Alien Robot Zombie Christmas 2009

My mom is an artist, and one of her hobbies is hand-making Christmas cards. Her usual style is sweet and sentimental and filled with holiday joy. However, this year I managed to convince her to make something a little more... um... "alien robot zombies" for me. This is the result.

After we put our heads together to come up with the basic concept, my mom created the stencil for Pirate Santa. After painting each one individually, the present, ribbon, eye patch and buttons were all glued on by hand. A little holiday glitter, some matting, and presto: instant classic. The present's "wrapping paper" was made by cutting up a map, and various different background textures were used for the matting, making each card unique.

I think my mom enjoyed the break from angels and snowmen. I hope so, at least, because I already have a concept in mind for next year's cards...