Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turdus migratorius incorrectus

Dear Red Robin:

Tonight, while I dined in your restaurant with my family, my sons received kids menus that included something called the "Scientific Name Game." I realize the kids menu at Red Robin is "light reading," but I was horrified to find the scientific name of our own species misspelled. I am a businessman, not a scientist, but I abhor sloppiness when it comes to educational materials - yes, even Red Robin menus!

The correct spelling is Homo sapiens, not Homo sapien. (The final "s" was missing.) Please take more care in the future. I am all for introducing complex subjects in a simple way, but it should be done factually. (Also, technically the second half of each scientific name should be lower case, not capitalized, but I concede that I may just be splitting hairs at this point.)

Rico Detroit