Friday, February 11, 2011


I wrote a lot of poems in my younger days. Here's one from many years ago that I've dusted off just in time for Valentine's Day. (Which is Monday, by the way - don't forget!)

This is good stuff. Hand-write this in your card to that special someone and thank me later. ;)


If there were an artist inside me

I would copy you however I could

With a paintbrush I’d capture your image on paper

With a chisel I’d free it from bronze, stone or wood

Never tiring of you as a subject

My greatest ambition would be

To reproduce with the tools and the palette at hand

The tiniest part of the beauty I see

But alas my hands are unable

My artistic training too poor

Of the elements needed to create such a work

I have desire and nothing more

Yet color me happy as ever

Despite limitations with art

For I have the priceless, inspiring original

…And you have all of my heart!