Friday, February 26, 2010

Twisdom Two

Every once in a while, I tweet something that I find entertaining. Sometimes it's something poetic, sometimes something silly and sometimes just a little observation that I feel has a kernel of wisdom in it.

So just in case you missed them the first time around, these are the ones I feel stand on their own.


Kapow! How ya like me now? Diggin' up rhymes like I was pullin' a plow!

plastic grocery bag = urban tumbleweed

I thought rain was supposed to melt zombies? No, damn, that's witches.

The Magic 8 Ball never lies. Sometimes we just don't understand how it has interpreted the question.

duh = no duh

pepper is the new salt

what part of the pork is a chop? do people have chops?

new favorite word: "nerfzooka"

My God / How is it I remember / His hat, too big, flopped across my head / Watching zebras in the rain

my side of the street is not getting any taco love

feel like I've slipped out of the time stream and into a narrative prose

silver is kinda like gray, but shiny

you don't realize how many things you do with your thumb until you get a big cut on your thumb

you don't realize how many things you do with your thumb until you cut off your thumb

music is what numbers feel like

when did we start looking for opportunities to queue?

my best email response today: "I would like to be moved to the CC line of this conversation"