Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I tweet. Twitter is a "micro-blogging" site: every post is limited to 140 characters or less. It's kind of like updating your Facebook status, except that Twitter does nothing else. I actually have my Twitter account linked to Facebook and to my Alien Robot Zombie Skeptic website, so that when I update Twitter it automatically updates the other two. Also, both ARZS and my other website, Three Perfect Minutes, are linked to Twitter, so that when I post something new it updates my Twitter status (and thence Facebook, etc.).

I also subscribe to tweets from other people. Some are friends and some just tweet about topics I am interested in (gluten, music, whiskey, diesel engines, etc.). I'm not into the whole cult-of-personality thing, but if you want to know when Madonna is having tea with the queen or taking out the trash, you need to be on Twitter.

You can follow me on Twitter here. Sometimes my tweets are pretty mundane: simple, in-the-moment updates to let my Twitter and Facebook friends know what I'm up to. (For example: "sinuss hedaache cannnot tfrink straihgt ughh.") At other times, they can be pretty entertaining standing alone. The enforced brevity can be limiting, but sometimes it can also be freeing. Sometimes there is beauty to being creative "inside the box." With that in mind, I have reprinted some of what I'm calling my "twisdom" below. (Disclaimer: uh... well, maybe you had to be there...)

I can pull this trigger 128 more times before this battery dies!

oh cruel spring - how you tease me, entice me, but leave me cold

worst ad placement ever: Ronnie Milsap gospel album in the middle of something called "Robot Chicken" on Cartoon Network

William Henry Harrison will not let me be. (Also, separately, William Henry Harrison will not let me be me.)

Done! Apartment finally clean! ...wait for it...wait for it...ok, it's dirty again.

FYI "on the street" does NOT mean the same thing as "on the road"


A picture is worth a thousand words. EXACTLY a thousand - no more, no less.

madness... mmm cornbread... madness...

I see ghost ninja / secret powers can't kill me / unless has gluten

Ah, William Henry Harrison, I've missed you.

Geographically: Eastern Time. Biologically: Pacific Time. Mentally: Hawaiian Time.

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