List of Alternate Universes and Dimensions


The number of alternate universes within our Multiverse is theoretically infinite, but traveling between those universes is extraordinarily difficult even with the most advanced and sophisticated technology. Thus our knowledge of such universes has so far been limited to a few hundred of them, and there are really only a handful with which we have had repeated or sustained contact. Alternate universes can be separated into several different categories, as follows:

Mundane universes are those that most resemble our own: conventional, spatial dimensions governed by a system of natural laws and scientific principles. The universes that most resemble our own are known as “parallel universes.” These share not just a passing resemblance to our own universe, but are in fact exact one-for-one duplications, at least up to a point. At some point in their histories, usually called the “point of divergence” (POD), a parallel universe may deviate from ours and begin to follow a different path, with its own unique history. However, the laws of nature remain the same.

Note also that in some of the parallel universes, time passes just an imperceptible fraction faster or slower than it does in our own, original universe. Because the multiverse is billions of years old, however, even a fraction of a second difference per year could mean that that the relative timelines of the parallel universes currently differ by hundreds of years. Where this difference is know, I have noted it below.

Dr. Reed Richards, perhaps the world’s foremost expert on parallel universes, developed a complex, three-tiered numerical coding system for cataloging any and all possible parallel universe experiences. From this catalog, his Future Foundation identified a small number of parallel universes that have had the most cross-over with our own and can thus be confirmed with the highest degree of accuracy. These they identified with very simple, codes for easy identification. The most significant parallel universes identified thus far by the Future Foundation are listed below.

The Primary Universe

This is the universe we live in (also known as the “Earth-Prime” universe). You can find a detailed history for it here.


The Earth-A universe is essentially the Earth-A alternate universe of Marvel Comics, where, among other changes, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four became The Thing while Ben Grimm became Mr. Fantastic.


The Earth-Ace universe is the universe of Strikeforce: Morituri. Its timeline is approximately 87 years ahead of our own, and diverged in 2069 (1982 in our universe) when an alien species known as the Va-Shaak (or “The Horde”) invaded Earth. In 2072 (1985 in our universe), Dr. Kimmo Tuolema perfected the “Morituri Process,” which allowed people with a specific type of genetic structure to have a new metabolism overlaid on top of their original one, granting them enhanced physical attributes. The Morituri Process bestowed unique superhuman powers that could be used to fight the Horde. However, it also proved 100% fatal, burning out the host human in approximately one year.


The Earth-Ack universe is the alternate universe where anthropomorphized duck-like creatures evolved into the dominant species on Earth (or “Duckworld”) instead of humans. It is the original home of Howard the Duck.


The Earth-Alba universe 
is the alternate universe of Camelot 3000, where the legendary King Arthur returned to Britain in the year 2103 (the 3,000th year of the ancient Celtic calendar of Britain) to defend Earth against an alien invasion. Its timeline is approximately 121 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Alef (Earth-א) universe is the alternate universe of Fullmetal Alchemist.


The Earth-Alia universe is one in which magic remained dominant, and plays the role in modern society that science plays in our universe.


The Earth-Alpha (Earth-α) universe is an alternate universe where the mutant En Sabah Nur conquered North America before the age of superheroes, ushering in the “Age of Apocalypse.”


The details of the Earth-Ankh (Earth-
) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Aquarius (Earth-
universe is an alternate universe where the surface of the Earth was completely submerged when the polar ice caps melted. Its timeline is approximately 505 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Argo universe is the alternate universe of Robopocalypse. Its timeline is approximately 25 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Arc universe is an alternate universe set 1403 years behind our own, in what is currently the Early Middle Ages.


The Earth-Argo universe is the alternate universe of Space Battleship Yamato. Its timeline is approximately 1,195 years ahead of our own, and diverged in the year 2199 (1004 in our universe) when aliens from the planet Gamilas in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy unleashed radioactive meteorite bombs on Earth, rendering the planet’s surface uninhabitable to humans. After retreating beneath the surface, humans received help from envoys of planet Iscandar, a sister planet of Gamilas, allowing them to convert the Japanese battleship Yamato into a powerful, faster-than-light spaceship. They then traveled to Iscandar to retrieve a device that would allow them to reclaim Earth from the radiation damage.


The details of the Earth-Aries (Earth-
) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Ash (Earth-Æ) universe is the alternate universe of Æon FluxIts timeline is approximately 424 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Askani universe is the alternate, dystopian universe where the mutants Cable and Stryfe were raised. Here, Earth was ruled by the powerful mutant Apocalypse until the year 3806 (1984 in our universe). Its timeline is approximately 1,822 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Astro universe is the alternate universe of Astro City.


The Earth-Astro universe is the alternate universe of Astro Boy.
 Its timeline is approximately 40 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Atra universe is one where the Black Lantern Corps successfully invaded Earth during the Blackest Night event in 2009, and has since spread out across the universe.


Earth-Aurora is Lyra's world, the alternate universe introduced in the first volume of His Dark Materials (known as either Northern Lights or The Golden Compass). Its timeline is approximately 80 years behind our own.


The Earth-Axis universe is an alternate universe where the Axis powers eventually won World War II and conquered the world.


The Earth-Ayin (Earth-ע) universe is the alternate universe setting of Atlas Shrugged.


The Earth-Azu (Earth-а) universe is the alternate universe of Isaac Asimov's Robot, Empire and Foundation series. Its timeline is approximately 23,088 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-B universe is an alternate universe where a species of gelatinous aliens known as “Body Snatchers” landed on Earth, killed all of the humans and replaced them with duplicates grown from vegetable pods.


The Earth-Bar universe is an alternate universe where the Thirteen Colonies lost the American Revolutionary War.


The Earth-Bet (Earth-ב) universe is the post-apocalyptic alternate universe of A Boy and His Dog
, set in the year 2024 (1969 in our universe). It's timeline is approximately 55 years ahead of our own, and diverged in November 1963 (1908 in our universe) with the failed assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Instead of concentrating on the Space Race, technological advancements in robotics, animal intelligence and telepathy took place. After a heated Cold War, a conventional World War III was fought, after which a treaty was signed in 1982 (1927 in our universe). Mounting tensions led to another outbreak of hostilities in 2007 (1952 in our universe), this time involving massive nuclear warfare. Civilization was almost entirely obliterated, leaving the surface of the Earth reduced to a desolate, irradiated wasteland, with foragers fighting for the remaining resources.


The Earth-Beta (Earth-β) universe is the dystopian alternate universe of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Its timeline is approximately 35 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Bop universe is the alternate universe of Cowboy Bebop.
 Its timeline is approximately 73 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Bravo universe is an alternate universe where time is approximately 2,037 years ahead of our own universe. In the early 21st century, technological advances led to conditioning of humanity that reduced crime and increased “human satisfaction.” (This peace was briefly interrupted in 2032 when the 20th century criminal Simon Phoenix escaped from his cryogenic prison.) By the 26th century, all of Earth had been united into a single World State, which had crafted a “brave new world” based on consumerism and the loss of individuality. Over the next few centuries, however, there was a backlash against the “mind control” of the World State and its rigid caste system and arbitrary limitations. By the 40th century (the 20th century in our universe), the human population had exploded into the hundreds of billions as multi-tiered, continent-sized cities covered the face of the planet and robot servants performed all of the labor. It was around this time that Kang the Conqueror arrived. A native of Earth-M, Kang corrupted the formerly benevolent robots of Earth-Bravo and turned them into oppressors instead of servants. There were pockets of resistance, including a human named Magnus who had been raised by robots in North-Am (the city covering the entire continent of North America) to fight evil robots. However, the vast resources of Earth-Bravo were soon almost exclusively under Kang’s control. Although Kang was often absent for long stretches, the robots held it for him, and he would use Earth-Bravo as his headquarters to invade other universes – including our own.


The Earth-Bu universe is the alternate universe of Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt, in which the Black Death plague wiped out 99% of Europe's population in the 14th century. Its timeline is approximately 43 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Buky (Earth-б) universe is the alternate universe of Buckaroo Banzai.


The Earth-C universe is an alternate universe where Earth became populated by sentient, anthropomorphic animals. During the 17th century, Usagi Yojimbo became the greatest samurai hero of Japan. In more recent times, its heroes have included Captain Carrot (Rodney Rabbit) and the Amazing Spider-Ham (Peter Porker).


The Earth-Cancri (Earth-) universe is essentially the Marvel Comics “Cancerverse” alternate universe.


The details of the Earth-Aries (Earth-
) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Che (Earth-ч) universe is an alternate universe where a flu epidemic in 2008 led to a long period of global infertility.
 Its timeline is approximately 21 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Chi (Earth-χ) universe is the alternate universe setting of The Chrysalids. Thousands of years prior, a nuclear war left most of the planet uninhabitable, although society has rebuilt in Labrador and New Zealand. Its timeline is approximately 3,014 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Circa universe is one in which the superhero civil war of 2006 never ended. Tony Stark ran for U.S. President and was elected in 2008 on a platform of defeating the domestic terrorism” of his former compatriots.


The Earth-Coda universe is an alternate universe where the Earth passed through the tail of a mysterious comet in 1984, turning much of the population into zombies.


The details of the Earth-Crux (Earth-universe are currently classified.


The Earth-D universe is a dystopian alternate universe where the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert Kelly in 1981 by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants sparked a war between humans and mutantkind. Among other things, the Earth-D timeline incorporates the alternate-universe X-Men storyline “Days of Future Past,” Frank Miller’s alternate-universe Batman from “The Dark Knight Returns,” and Akira
Its timeline is approximately 32 years ahead of our own. See the complete Earth-D alternate timeline here.


The Earth-Dalet (Earth-ד) universe is an alternate universe where the United Provinces of America became a dictatorship in the 1970s, and the violent Transcontinental Road Race has become the leading form of entertainment. Its timeline is approximately 25 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Deca universe is the DC Extended Universe.


The Earth-Delta (Earth-δ) universe is an alternate universe where an asteroid never hit the Earth at the end of the Triassic Period. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles therefore never went extinct, but continued to evolve alongside birds and mammals to the present day.


The Earth-Dix universe is an alternate universe where the Confederacy won its independence in the American Civil War, better known in this universe as the “War of Southern Independence.”


The details of the Earth-Dje (Earth-ђ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Dobro (Earth-д) 
universe is the alternate universe of Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy. An asteroid did not strike Earth at the end of the Triassic Period, and dinosaurs never went extinct. There are no humans on Earth in this universe, but there are other intelligent hominid species that evolved in a world still ruled by dinosaurs. The timeline of the Earth-Dobro universe is approximately 569,257 years behind our own.


The Earth-Draco universe is the alternate universe of Reign of Fire, where hibernating dragons from the past were re-awoken in modern times. Its timeline is approximately 18 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Dub universe is the alternate universe of Dollhouse.
 Its timeline is approximately 10 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Duo universe is essentially the DC Comics “New 52” version of the “Earth 2” universe.


The Earth-Dzelo (Earth-ѕ) universe is the alternate universe of Justice League: Gods and Monsters, wherein much different personalities took up the familiar roles of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


The details of the Earth-Dzhe (Earth-џ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-E universe is an alternate universe where time is 4,892 years behind our own. In 1963 (or 2929 BCE in the Earth-E universe), the Fantastic Four traveled from our own universe to Earth-E and met Kang the Conqueror, who had conquered the known world as the Egyptian pharaoh Rama-Tut. By founding the First Dynasty of Egypt and beginning construction of the pyramids early, Kang changed the history of Earth-E. After Kang departed, En Sabah Nur became the ruler of Earth-E.


The Earth-Echo universe is an alternate universe 32 years behind our own. Traveling there would be like traveling to the recent past, with only minor differences.


The Earth-Eloi universe is a far-future alternate universe 800,806 years ahead of our own. There, humanity has evolved into two separate species: the Eloi, a childlike society resembling modern humans, and the Morlocks, ape-like troglodytes who live in darkness underground and prey upon the Eloi.


The Earth-Emma universe is an alternate universe 1,041 years ahead of our own. Among other things, it is where the version of Nathaniel Richards originated who would become “Immortus” instead of Kang the Conqueror.


The details of the Earth-Eng (Earth-
Ŋ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Ennea universe is an alternate universe where aliens, identified derogatorily as prawns, arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1982 and were confined to a government camp known as District 9.

The Earth-Epsilon (Earth-ε) universe is an alternate universe where ancient empires and cultures still rule over the Earth. Time in the Earth-E universe is 1,914 years behind our own, but because history developed differently there, several different ancient cultures exist simultaneously that did not exist simultaneously in our past, including the Han Dynasty in China, the New Kingdom in Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, the Aztec and Mayan Empires in Central America, and the Incan Empire in South America. Many who have visited this universe incorrectly believe they have time-traveled to the distant past.


The details of the Earth-Esh (Earth-ʃ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Eta (Earth-η) universe is the alternate universe of Ender’s Game. Its timeline is approximately 3,217 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Eth (Earth-Ð) universe is an alternate universe 1,175 years behind our own (currently in the latter part of the Early Middle Ages, also known as the Viking Age).


The Earth-Ethel (Earth-Œ) universe is an alternate universe 619 years behind our own (currently in the Late Middle Ages).


The Earth-Eva universe is the alternate universe of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
 Its timeline is approximately 20 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Ezh (Earth-
Ʒ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-F universe is the home of Thundra, an alternate universe where Earth is now known as Femizonia and women have become Amazon-like warriors ruling over male slaves.
 Its timeline is approximately 230 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Fem universe is the alternate universe setting of Femforce.


The Earth-Fert (Earth-ф) universe is the alternate parallel universe (a.k.a. Over There) explored by the Fringe division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


The Earth-Fin universe is an alternate universe where Earth has a noticeable preponderance of unusual weather phenomena and a tendency for animals to run wild. The human population seems strangely accepting of this, oblivious to the fact that they are living in a world that is constantly generating life-or-death B-movie scenarios.


The Earth-Fita (Earth-ѳ) universe is an alternate universe where all of Earth remained fractured into several small countries instead of developing into large nations like the United States, Russia, China, India, etc. Areas of Europe also remained divided into many more nation-states than in our universe: for example, Scotland and Wales are separate nations from England, Sicily is an independent nation, and the Italian peninsula is divided into several other nations of various sizes.


The Earth-Franc (Earth-₣) universe is an alternate universe where Napoleon successfully conquered Europe and France became the world's leading superpower.


The Earth-G universe is an alternate universe in which a Great Disaster occurred. Before the disaster, the psych-historian alien race known as the Visionaries began studying human civilization. Their data concluded that humankind was on the verge of a disaster and the Visionairies decided to directly intervene. They infiltrated the Earth's governments and formed a Global Peace Agency to maintain order, deputizing an administrative clerk named Buddy Blank to serve as OMAC, the One-Man Army Corps. Ultimately, the Visionaries and the Global Peace Agency proved unsuccessful and the Great Disaster occurred in 1986, releasing radiation and causing chaos. A group called the Atomic Knights were among those that tried to maintain order in the years that immediately followed. In 2050, Jonah Hex visited this post-apocalyptic world briefly from our own universe. Human civilization continued to decline over time. Eventually, a young boy named Kamandi, a descendant of Buddy Blank, emerged from an underground bunker and found that animals who had gained sentience and human-like form had inherited what remained of Earth-G. The timeline of the Earth-G universe is approximately 172 years ahead of our own.


In the Earth-Gamma (Earth-γ) universe, Earth has been overrun by gamma radiation-fed Hulk-like creatures.


The Earth-Gemini (Earth-
) universe is the alternate universe of the Stargate television franchise.


The details of the Earth-Gha (Earth-Ƣ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Gimel (Earth-ג) universe is the alternate universe of Ghost in the Shell. Its timeline is approximately 158 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Glagoli (Earth-г) universe is an alternate universe where the world is controlled by a global, corporate government. The most popular sport is Rollerball, a violent sport designed to satisfy man's bloodlust and demonstrate the futility of individual effort.
 Its timeline is approximately 43 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Grok universe is the alternate universe of Stranger in a Strange Land.
 Its timeline is approximately 31 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-H universe is an alternate universe where high school student Claire Bennet was killed by mutant serial killer Sylar in November 2006, imparting Sylar with Bennet's regenerative powers and near indestructability. This set up a chain reaction of events whereby New York City was rocked by a nuclear blast in May of the following year, Nathan Petrelli was elected U.S. President in 2012, and Sylar killed Petrelli and served in his place by perfectly imitating his appearance.
 Its timeline is approximately five years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Halo universe is the alternate universe of the Halo series.
 Its timeline is approximately 551 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-He (Earth-ה) universe is the alternate universe of The Handmaid’s Tale.
 Its timeline is approximately 230 years ahead of our own. In this universe, the U.S. government was overthrown in the late 20th century and replaced by the Republic of Gilead, a theocratic military dictatorship that suppressed the rights of women. Rampant pollution led to fertility problems and eventually to the devolution of the male population into savages. In the late 22nd century, the planet Earth of this universe, now known as “Machus,” entered into an inter-dimensional war with Femizonia (planet Earth of the Earth-F universe), which it hoped to conquer in order to obtain more women to serve as slaves. However, this resulted in the annihilation of Machus.


The Earth-Hepta universe 
is an alternate universe whose timeline is approximately 757 years ahead of our own. Among other things, it is the home of Blaine Allen and his son Jace Allen, 28th century versions of the Flash.


The Earth-Het (Earth-ח) universe is the alternate universe of Frank Herbert's Dune series. Its timeline is approximately 24,360 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Heta (Earth-ⱶ) universe is the alternate universe setting of Robert A. Heinlein's Future History series. Its timeline is approximately 2,299 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Hexa universe is an alternate universe 525 years ahead of our own, and is the home universe of Rip Hunter and the original Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne).


The details of the Earth-Hwair (Earth-Ƕ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Hydra alternate universe is one in which the terrorist organization Hydra has conquered the world.


The Earth-I universe is an alternate universe of Independence Day, where the Earth fought off a major alien invasion in July 1996.


The Earth-Iota (Earth-ι) universe is an alternate universe where Earth was impacted by a large comet in an extinction-level event in 1998.


The details of the Earth-Izhe (Earth-и) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Izhitsa (Earth-ѵ) universe is an alternate universe where Black Bolt released Terrigan Mist globally, mutating the entire human population.



The Earth-J universe is an alternate universe where the U.S. “Skynet” defense computer program became self-aware on August 29, 1997 (“Judgment Day”) and decided to exterminate mankind. It overrode its fail-safes and launched a full-scale nuclear attack on Russia, which then retaliated in kind. Skynet and is army of machines then continued a war on the surviving humans for years. The timeline of the Earth-J universe is approximately 45 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Je (Earth-ј) universe is the alternate universe of the series Jericho.


The Earth-Jira (Earth-ジラ) universe is the alternate universe of the 21st century American version of Godzilla.

The Earth-Juxta universe is the alternate Amalgam Universe.


The Earth-K universe is an alternate universe where Earth comes under from a number of gargantuan monsters called “kaiju” beginning in 2013 and begins to fight back by building giant  piloted robots called “jaegers.”
 Its timeline is approximately 12 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Kaf (Earth-כ) universe is an alternate universe where New York City was attacked by a giant monster codenamed Cloverfield on Friday, May 22, 2009.


The Earth-Kako (Earth-к) 
universe is an alternate universe where the Soviet Union accidentally triggered an all-out nuclear war with the United States on September 26, 1983.


The Earth-Kappa (Earth-κ) universe is essentially the “Kingdom Come” alternate universe from DC Comics. Its timeline is approximately 10 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Kilo universe is an alternate universe 922 years ahead of our own. Among other things, it is where the version of Nathaniel Richards originated who would become “Iron Lad” instead of Kang the Conqueror.


The details of the Earth-Koppa (Earth-ҁ) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Ksi (Earth-ѯ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-L universe is an alternate universe where recently deceased people inexplicably began returning as “Living Dead” ghouls / zombies and attacking the living.


The Earth-Lambda (Earth-λ) universe is a post-apocalyptic alternate universe whose timeline is approximately 16 years ahead of our own. It is the home universe Luther Manning, who became the cyborg Dethlok.


The Earth-Lamed (Earth-ל) universe is the alternate universe of A Canticle for Lebowitz.
 Its timeline is approximately 1,821 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Leo (Earth-♌) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Libra (Earth-♎) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Lje (Earth-љ) universe are currently classified.

The Earth-Ljudije (Earth-л) universe is an alternate universe where Kal-El (Cyrillic: Кал-Л) of Krypton, the man known as Superman in our universe, landed in the Ukraine instead of Kansas and became a citizen of the Soviet Union.


The Earth-Lux universe is an alternate universe where Abin Sur died at a different point in history, and Bruce Wayne of Earth was chosen as his replacement as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.


The Earth-M universe is an alternate universe whose timeline is exactly 1,000 years ahead of our own. Among other things, its timeline incorporates the Watchmen universe, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, the Mad Max series, Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, John Carpenter’s Escape from New York, Red DawnJudge DreddThe Hunger Games series, Buck Rogers, Blake's 7, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Marvel Comics' original, 31st-century Guardians of the GalaxySee the complete Earth-M alternate timeline here.


The Earth-Mem (Earth-מ) universe is an alternate universe where a NASA deep-space probe inadvertently crash lands in Mexico, causing extraterrestrial life forms to spread throughout the US–Mexico border region.


The Earth-Mil universe is an alternate universe 83,217 years ahead of our own, where it is currently the 853rd century.


The Earth-Mono universe is essentially the DC Comics alternate “Earth One” graphic novel universe.


The Earth-Mu (Earth-μ) universe is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Earth-Mycroft universe is the alternate universe of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, where Earth's moon (Luna) fought a war of independence against Earth in 2076 (52 CE in our universe). Later, in the 40th century, Major Altonny Mars of Earth (who had been born on the moon but to Earth parents) helped maintain peace between the planets. In 3964 (1940 in our universe), with the aid of his robot assistant Grag, he prevented the Emperor of Jupiter from turning the human residents of Jupiter Colony into beast men.” The timeline of the Earth-Mycroft universe is approximately 2,024 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Myslite (Earth-м) universe is the alternate universe of the 1921 dystopian novel We (Cyrillic: Мы) by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Its timeline is approximately 1,032 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-N universe is a neutral, “normal” alternate universe. It resembles our own except that nothing interesting ever happens there: there is no magic, no demigods, no monsters, no mutants, no superpowers and no known alien life to date. The Great Old Ones never walked the Earth, nor did the legends of Middle-earth or the Hyborian Age ever come to pass. The Olympian Gods were never more than myth, and superheroes exist only in comic books. Many people would have you believe that we live in the Earth-N universe, but only because they do not want you to know the secrets that are hidden from you.


The Earth-Nasi (Earth-н) universe is the alternate universe setting of Injustice: Gods Among Us.


The details of the Earth-Nje (Earth-њ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Noir universe is an alternate parallel universe whose timeline is 72 years behind our own: traveling to this universe is like traveling 72 years into the past, with minor differences. It is the setting of Gotham by Gaslight and the Marvel Noir series, among others.


The Earth-Nu (Earth-ν) universe is an alternate universe where a massive flying saucer carrying 300,000 humanoid aliens crash-landed in the Mojave Desert in 1988. Los Angeles, California became the new home of the aliens, known as the “Newcomers.”


The Earth-Nun (Earth-נ) universe is the alternate universe also known as the Known Space universe, the setting of 'Larry Niven's Ringworld stories, among others. Its timeline is approximately 1,143 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-O universe is an alternate universe where Earth suffered from severe overpopulation, environmental and resource management problems by the 21st century. By 2022, food became so scarce that people were left with nothing but unidentifiable rations from the Soylent corporation to eat. By the end of that century, most of humanity had abandoned the Solar System and colonized a new star system that they called “The Verse.” Those left behind on Earth were restricted to self-contained cities where citizens were forced to “renew” when they reached the age of 30. Outside of these cities, life was supposedly impossible, but in 2274, the computer that ran one of the cities assigned Logan 5 to seek the legendary “Sanctuary,” a rumored civilization where people still lived free.  The timeline of the Earth-O universe is approximately 515 years ahead of our ownSee the complete Earth-O alternate timeline here.


The Earth-Octa universe is an alternate universe 4,352 years ahead of our own, and is the home universe of Abra Kadabra.


The Earth-Omega (Earth-ω) universe is an alternate universe where Earth was infected by a global pandemic whose symptoms resembled vampirism.


The Earth-Omicron (Earth-ο) universe is the alternate universe of the Space Odyssey series.
 Its timeline is approximately 33 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Onu (Earth-о) universe is essentially the Marvel Comics alternate “Future Imperfect” universe. Its timeline is approximately 100 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Ot (Earth-ѿ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Ou (Earth-ᴕ) universe is the alternate universe of Childhood's End. Its timeline is approximately 180 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-P universe is an alternate universe where the great apes rose up against humans, and where their simian kind will eventually replace us as the dominant species on planet Earth, turning it into a “Planet of the Apes.” Its timeline is approximately 2,010 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Par universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Pe (Earth-פ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Penta universe is an alternate universe 476 years ahead of our own. Among other things, it is the original home of the first Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter) and the second Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne). It is also the universe that Wally West and his family retired to, and where they now live on the planet Savoth.


The Earth-Phi (Earth-φ) universe is the “Flashpoint” alternate universe from DC Comics.


The Earth-Pi (Earth-π) universe is an alternate universe 314 years behind our own (currently in the Enlightenment / Age of Piracy).


The details of the Earth-Pip universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Pisces (Earth-♓) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Plex universe is the alternate universe of American Flagg!
 Its timeline is approximately 48 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Pokoi (Earth-п) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Proxima universe is one in which the Superman of that universe (Kalel, a.k.a. Calvin Ellis) had a darker skin tone and inspired a generation of African American heroes. Calvin Ellis 
became President of the United States of America in 2009. Also in this reality, Nubia of Themyscira became Wonder Woman.


The Earth-Psi (Earth-ψ) universe is an alternate universe set some half a century in the future. Among other things, it is the setting of Minority Report, which took place in 2054.
 Its timeline is approximately 52 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Pulse universe is the alternate universe of Dark Angel, in which a pulse weapon attack created chaos in 2009.
 Its timeline is approximately 19 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Q universe, also known as Qward, is an Antimatter Universe that is in many ways a negative-image of our own universe.


The Earth-Qof (Earth-ק) universe 
is the alternate universe of Sunshine, in which the sun begins undergoing a premature death in 2057 due to being struck by a Q-ball. Its timeline is approximately 50 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Qoppa (Earth-ϙ) universe is an alternate universe where the nations of Europe didn't get bogged down fighting each other in the early modern period and retained their colonial empires in the Americas, Africa and Asia into the modern day.


The Earth-R universe is an alternate universe where the Roman Legions were not defeated by the Germanic tribes in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 CE. They then went on to conquer the rest of Europe, the Roman Empire never fell, and it remains the world's leading superpower today.


The Earth-Reich universe is an alternate universe where the German Empire won the Battle of the Marne in September 1914, defeating France and winning World War I. Germany gained additional territory and became the primary superpower of Europe. 
World War II was later fought, with allies France, Russia and Japan opposing Germany and the United States. Germany’s development of atomic weapons ended this second World War with another victory. The U.S. soon developed its own atomic weapons, leading to a Cold War between the U.S. and Germany that continues to this day.


The Earth-Resh (Earth-ר) universe is the alternate universe of Mass EffectIts timeline is approximately 176 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Rez universe is the alternate universe of Resident Evil.
 Its timeline is approximately 2 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Rho (Earth-ρ) universe is an alternate universe where a global cataclysm around the turn of the 21st century eliminated nearly all life on Earth. It is the setting of The Road.


The Earth-Ritsi (Earth-р) universe is an alternate universe where the Rage virus infected London in 2002, causing an outbreak of zombie-like infected 28 days later.


The Earth-Rur universe is an alternate universe where 92% of the population of Earth was wiped out in a nuclear war in 1999, during the administration of U.S. President Sonny Bono. In some areas, including most of the United States, the population was completely eradicated. The remaining humans
mass produced robots to assist them. Humans eventually went extinct, but robots did not and were still active over 10,000 years later. The timeline of the Earth-Rur universe is approximately 11,394 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-S universe is the original Star Trek universe. Its timeline is approximately 403 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Sagittarius (Earth-♐) universe (a.k.a. “The Arrowverse”) is the primary universe of the television series Arrow, as well as the spin-off series The Flash.


The Earth-Samekh (Earth-ס) universe is 
Marvel Comics’ Shadowline universe, in which the only super-powered individuals were a secret species that evolved in parallel to humans, known as the Shadow Dwellers.


The Earth-Sampi (Earth-ϡ) universe is the alternate universe of the Falling Skies alien invasion of Earth.


The Earth-San (Earth-ϻ) universe is the alternate universe setting of the Marvel Comics Old Man Logan storyline. Its timeline is approximately 53 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Schwa (Earth-Ə) universe is an alternate universe whose timeline is approximately 30 years ahead of our own. World Wars have continued to be fought there (sans nuclear weapons) in regular intervals, alternating with intervals of peace. World War I happened as in our universe, but after that, the timeline shifted. World War II was fought from 1941-1960, World War III from 1971-1979, World War IV from 1996-2001, World War V from 2007-2008 and World War VI from 2027-2032. World War VII started in 2043 and is currently ongoing. Among other things, this universe is the setting of Iron Skull.


The details of the Earth-Scorpio (Earth-♏) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Sha (Earth-ш) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Sharp S

The Earth-Sharp S (Earth-ß) universe is the alternate Star Trek universe where George Kirk died in 2233.
 Its timeline is approximately 249 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Shcha (Earth-щ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Shin (Earth-ש) universe is the alternate universe of the Shannara post-apocalyptic fantasy series.
 Its timeline is approximately 3,437 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Sierra universe is an alternate universe where an atomic war in 1963 triggered a doomsday device, causing a mass extinction and making Earth uninhabitable. It is the setting of Fail-Safe and On the Beach, among others, and its 
timeline is approximately seven years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Sigma (Earth-σ) universe is the alternate Marvel 1602 universe. Its timeline is approximately 401 years behind our own.


The Earth-Sim universe is the dystopian alternate universe of Blade RunnerNeuromancer and the rest of William Gibson's Sprawl series, and Marvel 2099. Its timeline is approximately 92 years ahead of our own. See the complete Earth-Sim alternate timeline here.


The Earth-Slovo (Earth-с) universe is the alternate universe of Le Transperceneige (a.k.a. Snowpiercer). Its timeline is approximately 49 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Sonmi universe is the alternate universe of Cloud Atlas.
 Its timeline is approximately 342 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Stigma (Earth-ϛ) universe is the alternate universe of The StandIts timeline is approximately 2 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Strange universe is the alternate universe of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.
 Its timeline is approximately 188 years behind our own.


The Earth-Supreme universe is the alternate universe of the Squadron Supreme.


The Earth-T universe is one in which Howard and Maria Stark were not killed in a car accident and lived into old age, having a second son named Morgan. In this universe, Tony Stark was older when assumed control of Stark Industries and developed the “Iron Man” armor technology. After he died in 2020 (1984 in our universe), Morgan’s son, Arno Stark, became the new Chairman of Stark Industries. After his wife and young son were killed, he would become the new Iron Man of that universe as well. Arno would remarry and have two sons: Arno Stark, Jr. and Tony Stark II. Many years later, Arno would lose his life to a dangerous airborne disease, charging his sons to save everyone else on Earth by providing them with protective Stark technology suits. The Earth-T timeline is approximately 36 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Tango universe is the alternate DC Comics Tangent Universe.


The Earth-Tau (Earth-τ) universe is the alternate universe of Starship Troopers. Its timeline is approximately 270 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Taurus (Earth-♉) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Tav (Earth-ת) universe is an alternate dystopian universe where mass media (primarily television) is used to effect mind control over the population of Earth. At a certain point, the planet became effectively controlled by an oligarchy of television networks (which may themselves be controlled by aliens). Governments function primarily as a puppet states of the network executives, serving mainly to pass laws — such as banning off switches on televisions — that protect and consolidate the networks' power.


The Earth-Tet (Earth-ט) universe is the alternate universe of Oblivion.
 Its timeline is approximately 64 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Tetra universe is an alternate universe 455 years ahead of our own. Among other things, it is the home of the second Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter).


The Earth-Theta (Earth-θ) universe is the post-apocalyptic alternate universe of Thundarr the Barbarian. Its timeline is approximately 2,014 years ahead of our own, and diverged in 1994 (21 BCE in our universe) when a rogue planet passed between the Earth and the Moon. This caused catastrophic changes to the Earth’s climate and geography, and shattered the Moon, with most of it remaining in two large pieces. Two thousand years later, the radically changed post-apocalyptic wasteland had settled into new kingdoms and territories, the majority of which were ruled by wizards mixing magic with the remnants of 20th-century technology.


The Earth-Thorn (Earth-Þ) universe is an alternate universe where the Vikings conquered the New World.


The Earth-Toc universe is an alternate universe where time is strictly regulated on Earth and everyone must do everything according to an extremely precise time schedule. In this dystopian future, being late is not merely an inconvenience, but a crime. The crime carries a hefty penalty in that a proportionate amount of time is revoked from one's life. The ultimate consequence is to run out of time and be turned off by the Master Timekeeper, or Ticktockman.” The timeline of the Earth-Toc universe is approximately 316 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Tribe universe is the alternate universe of The Tribe and its sequel The New Tomorrow.
 Its timeline is approximately nine years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Trio universe is a universe 
whose timeline is approximately 243 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Tsadi (Earth-צ) universe is the alternate universe of Transmetropolitan. Its timeline is approximately 250 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Tse (Earth-ц) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Tshe (Earth-ħ) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn A

The Earth-Turn A (Earth-∀) universe is the alternate universe of the Gundam series (using the combined, “Universal Century / Correct Century” timeline). Its timeline is approximately 3,497 years ahead of our own.

Earth-Turn B

The details of the Earth-Turn B (Earth-) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn C

The details of the Earth-Turn C (Earth-Ɔ) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn E

The details of the Earth-Turn E (Earth-Ǝ) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn F

The details of the Earth-Turn F (Earth-) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn K

The details of the Earth-Turn K (Earth-ʞ) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn M

The details of the Earth-Turn M (Earth-Ɯ) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn S

The Earth-Turn S (Earth-Ƨ) universe is an alternate universe that resembles the Earth-S universe, except that the people there have different personalities. Someone with a generally good temperament in the Earth-S universe, for example, may have an evil, aggressive counterpart in the Earth-Ƨ universe. Its timeline is approximately 403 years ahead of our own (in perfect sync with the Earth-S universe).

Earth-Turn T

The details of the Earth-Turn T (Earth-) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn U

The details of the Earth-Turn U (Earth-) universe are currently classified.

Earth-Turn V

The details of the Earth-Turn V (Earth-Ʌ) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Tverdo (Earth-т) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-U universe is essentially the Marvel Comics “Ultimate” alternate universe.


The Earth-Uk (Earth-у) universe is an alternate universe whose timeline is 7,569 years behind our own, which currently places it in the neolithic period.


The Earth-Ult universe is an alternate universe where the robot Ultron conquered Earth in 2011.


The Earth-Uni universe is the alternate universe of This Perfect Day. Earth is controlled by a computer known as UniComp, which has eliminated free will.  The timeline of the Earth-Uni universe is approximately 258 years ahead of our own.

The Earth-Upsilon (Earth-υ) universe is essentially the Marvel Comics “New Universe.”


The Earth-V universe is an alternate universe where the Earth was secretly invaded by reptilian alien “Visitors” in 1983.


The Earth-Vav (Earth-ו) universe in one with a higher proportion of vampires than in our universe. On Earth-Vav, Batman and several other heroes and villains have become vampires.

The Earth-Vector universe is one with a high degree of supernatural and arcane influence. It is the setting of certain stories set within the Vertigo and Razorline comics imprints.


The Earth-Vede (Earth-в) universe is the alternate universe of Fahrenheit 451.


The Earth-Vic universe is an alternate universe whose timeline is approximately 143 years behind our own. Its Victorian / Wild West era differed from our own in that there was a noticeably stronger steampunk influence.


The Earth-Virgo (Earth-♍) universe is an alternate universe where the Zargons won the Venutian War and then conquered Earth in 1953.

The Earth-W universe is essentially the alternate Wildstorm Universe.


The details of the Earth-Wau (Earth-ϝ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Wild universe is the setting of the Wild Cards alternate shared universe.


The Earth-Wynn (Earth-Ƿ) universe is essentially the alternate Wishverse from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The Earth-X universe is an alternate universe where the Axis powers initially won World War II, but continued to be opposed for years afterward by the Freedom Fighters. Its timeline is approximately 25 years behind our own.


The Earth-Xeno universe is the alternate universe setting of Prometheus and Alien.
 Its timeline is approximately 143 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Xeru (Earth-х) universe is essentially the Marvel Comics “Age of X” alternate universe.


The Earth-Xi (Earth-ξ) universe is essentially the Marvel Comics “Mutant X” alternate universe.


The Earth-Y universe is the alternate universe of Y: The Last Man. Its timeline is approximately 60 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Ya (Earth-я) universe is the alternate universe of Revolution, in which the entire planet Earth is struck by a permanent electrical blackout in 2012. Its timeline is approximately 15 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Yang universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Yat (Earth-ѣ) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Yest (Earth-є) universe is essentially the Marvel Comics “Forever Yesterday” alternate universe, the home of the mutant BishopIts timeline is approximately 80 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-Yery (Earth-ы) universe is an universe where Earth was ruled in the year 9767 by the dictator Kroll Mul.
 Its timeline is approximately 7,819 years ahead of our own.


The details of the Earth-Yi (Earth-ї) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Yin universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Yo (Earth-
ё) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Yod (Earth-י) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Yogh (Earth-Ȝ) universe is an alternate universe whose timeline is approximately 12,520 years behind our own, placing it currently in the Hyborian Age. An alternate version of Conan the Barbarian from this universe has traveled between dimensions on numerous occasions.


The details of the Earth-Yot (Earth-
й) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Yu (Earth-ю) universe is an alternate universe where Earth was invaded by aliens from Mars in 1962. (Note that they were actually aliens from outside the Solar System who had first conquered Mars before advancing on Earth.) Earth was eventually able to repel the attack and destroyed the aliens at their base on Mars. However, just as life on Earth seemed to be returning to normal, it was invaded by bloodthirsty, overgrown dinosaurs from another dimension in 1988.

The Earth-Yus (Earth-ѫ) universe is one in which the inhabitants of Manhattan all gained spider-themed powers in 2011, turning it into an entire island of Spider-Men.


The Earth-Z universe is an alternate universe where a contagion led to the outbreak of a global zombie apocalypse.


The details of the Earth-Zayin (Earth-ז) universe are currently classified.


The details of the Earth-Zemlja (Earth-з) universe are currently classified.


The Earth-Zero (Earth-0) universe is an alternate universe where World War I never ended. Among other things, it is the setting of Iron Storm (a.k.a. World War Zero).


The Earth-Zeta (Earth-ζ) universe is the alternate universe setting of Marvel Zombies.


The Earth-Zhivete (Earth-ж) universe is the alternate universe setting of The Iron Heel.
 Its timeline is approximately 693 years ahead of our own.


The Earth-01 (“Zero One”) universe is an alternate universe where humans lost a war with the machines they created and became unwitting prisoners in a virtual-reality construct called the “Matrix,” still believing it was the late 20th century.
 Its timeline is approximately 700 years ahead of our own.

Earth-1 through Earth-12

At least eleven alternate universes were known to have perished during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event in 1985. Originally, it was believed to have been 12, but Earth-11 (a universe in which many prominent heroes and historical figures of Earth has reverse gender) was later discovered to have survived. Not much is known about them. Several other universes that were attacked by the Anti-Monitor survived and are better understood, including Earth-G, Earth-M, Earth-X and our own universe.

Theoretically, non-parallel universes are almost infinitely more plentiful than parallel ones. However, in most cases they are also more alien in nature and more “distant” and difficult to identify and travel to. Non-parallel universes have no Earth analogs, nor analogs of any other features of our universe. And while they are governed by laws of nature, those laws may be quite different than what we are used to. Time may flow at a different rate, matter and energy may behave differently, magical forces may be more readily accessible, and so on.

The Beyond

The Beyond is a strange, unknowable dimension that is home to the near-omnipotent alien species known as the Beyonders.

The Dark Dimension of Dormammu

The Dark Dimension is a vast universe ruled by Dormammu. Thanks to its Dark Lord’s powers, it has absorbed many other universes and realms over the years, and Dormammu’s ultimate goal is to conquer and absorb the entire Multiverse.

Eä is a transcendent universe, a “higher plane” whose nature lies far beyond the understanding of ordinary mortals. The entire universe was created by Eru Ilúvatar and the Ainur around 500,000 BCE. Structurally, it is divided into three zones: the Celestial Sea, the Underworld and the Abyss.

The vast, Celestial Sea resembles outer space in our universe except that it is not a vacuum: the celestial aether insulates travelers against temperature variations, and allows air in the vicinity to cling to travelers like a bubble, making space travel possible without protective gear. Eä’s Celestial Sea is populated by various planetoids, many the size of continents. Many of these planetoid “realms” are connected to Earth by Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and are where the “gods” of Earth make their home, including AmaAsgardCelestial DilmunCelestial HawaikiCelestial HeliopolisCelestial KalevalaHanan PachaIfeJotunheim (home of the former giants of Earth), NirvanaOlympusOmeyocanShipoloSvargaSvartalfheim (home of the dark elvesand Ta-Lo.

An unfathomable distance beneath the Celestial sea lies the Underworld, realm of the dead, a place for those souls who are ready for some kind of Afterlife. (It is not the final Afterlife, however. Souls who move on to the final Afterlife leave our Multiverse forever.) It takes the form of a limitless plain, featureless and gray, with immeasurable miles separating each of its many realms. The Underworld is connected to Earth and the Celestial Sea via Yggdrasil, the World Tree. However, the souls that are kept there are very well guarded and not easily retrieved. The many realms with connections to Earth include: AnnwnDuatHadesHel (which includes Niflheim, the icy realm of the dishonored dead, and Valhalla, the abode of the honored dead, which is directly connected to Asgard), IkuThe Nine Hells (vast, concentric pits), PoPurgatorySeanaTuoniUku PachaXibalba and Yomi. It is often confused with The Abyss (see below), but not all of it is bleak and desolate. Indeed, there are many gods who choose to live there rather than in the Celestial Sea above.

Far beneath the plain of the Underworld lies the Abyss, a vast, bleak universe that is home to monsters and demons. It is formed of an impenetrable, dark stone-like substance surrounding air-filled pockets, some as small as a single room and some millions of miles across. It has known connections to Earth and the other realms via Yggdrasil, the World Tree, although such connections are carefully guarded. Because of its nature, the Abyss has often been used as a realm of imprisonment or punishment. For example, the Titans were imprisoned in one of its realms, called Tartarus, by the Olympian gods. Other Abyssan realms include Muspelheim (home of the fire demons), Other-Realm (the domain of Chthon) and The Serpent’s Sea (the realm of Set). Unlike the similar Tunnelverse (see below), gravity works in only one direction in The Abyss, so there is a consistent downward direction.


Limbo is a dark and mysterious universe where the forces of magic are particularly evident, and the laws of nature are unpredictable. It was known as “Darkworld” to the ancient Atlanteans, and is also known to some by the name “Otherworld.” It is populated by planetoids floating through space without stars (although many of the planets and planetoids have their own sources of illumination). Among the known realms in this universe are Avalon (home of the Captain Britain Corps), Fomor (home of the Fomorians), GemworldOtherplace (the domain of the demon Belasco), the Under-Realms of the demon Trigon, and Zrfff (a.k.a. “The Fifth Dimension,” home to a species of mischievous imps).

The Microverse

The Microverse is an alternate universe that can be reached from our universe by compressing one’s own mass to a certain point, thereby forcing it through an artificially created nexus into the other universe. The Microverse is a completely independent universe, without an Earth analog, and has different laws of nature. It is held together by the Enigma Force and is home to a large number of alien races, most of them uncataloged, including the Acroyears of Spartak and the Insectivorids of Kaliklak. In recent times, much of the Microverse was conquered by the despot Baron Karza, sworn enemy of the Micronauts. Other regions of the Microverse include Sub-Atomica, the realm of the Psycho-Man, and Tok, which is home to the Lizard Men of Tok.


Home of the planets Eternia and Etheria, among others.

The Negative Zone

The Negative Zone is an antimatter universe. It is a much older universe than our own, and the rate of time passes more quickly there.

The Smoke Dimension

Not much is known about the Smoke Dimension beyond the fact that it was the home of Aarkus, an extradimensional police officer who was briefly trapped on Earth in the 1940s.

The Sornaii Dimension

A relatively small universe, the Sornaii Dimension contains 15 worlds: seven worlds of light, seven of darkness and Pytharia, which hangs in the balance.

The Tunnelverse

The Tunnelverse is a universe where “outer space” is composed of solid earth and the “planets” are large openings within that solid matter. With hundreds to billions of miles of rock separating them, travel between planets is extremely difficult and can usually be accomplished only with the aid of extradimensional portals. Gravity works differently in the Tunnelverse, so that it pulls uniformly toward the inner surface of the tunnels. (This creates a point of zero gravity in the exact center of each opening.) There are two well-known planets in the Tunnelverse: Tunnelworld, a cylindrical world, and Hollow Earth, a spherical one. Because there are many portals to it buried far beneath our own planet’s surface, Hollow Earth is often mistaken for being within the Earth itself. (There is also one portal to Hollow Earth from the surface of Earth, located near the North Pole.) Hollow Earth goes by many names, including “Pellucidar” and “Skartaris.” It is populated by creatures from Earth’s Subterranea (including dinosaurs) as well as creatures native to the Tunnelverse.

Pocket universes are small but lasting universes, distinct from but usually connected to one or more larger universes. They have their own relative space and energy, meaning that they are not merely temporary manipulations of extra-spatial dimensions.


Azarath is a small planetoid in a mystical pocket universe. It was once a paradise with a temple that guarded a great door leading to the realm of the demon Trigon in Limbo. In 1984, Trigon finally managed to invade and destroy the Azarath, and it now lies in ruins and uninhabited.

The Counter-Earth Universe

The Counter-Earth universe is a vast, artificial realm createrd by the mysterious, extradimensional Beyonders as a sort of “museum” for planets and other relics from througfhout the Multiverse. It is named after the artificial planet Counter-Earth, which they took from our universe in 1980. It is also the home of various “Battleworlds,” which they create for their own entertainment. See the complete Counter-Earth universe timeline here.

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a magical nexus point to an infinite number of alien dimensions. It has appeared in different forms to different travelers, sometimes with a sign post guiding explorers to different destinations.

Fourth World

Fourth World is a massive pocket dimension containing the sister planets of Apokolips and New Genesis. These formed from the remains of Godworld, a planet formerly of our own universe, which was cast into a space “between dimensions” many eons ago, leaving it accessible only by means of “Boom Tubes.”

The Mojoverse

The Mojoverse is home to a species known as the Spineless Ones. They created a race of humanoid slaves, one of whom became the freedom fighter known as Longshot, who would eventually cross into our universe.

The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven each exist in pocket dimensions that intersects with each other and with Earth. Each of them is represented by a champion known as an “Immortal Weapon,” and these champions must compete in a tournament every 88 years to determine the order that the cities will appear on Earth. They may also be reached by magic. The most well-known of the cities is K’un-Lun, home of the Immortal Weapon known as “Iron Fist.”


A water-filled pocket dimension tied to the Bermuda Triangle, Xebel was used as a prison for rebel Atlanteans many years ago and now boasts a Homo mermanus civilization of its own.


The nine home worlds of Asgardian tradition (i.e., “The Nine Realms”) are connected by the “roots and branches” of “The World Tree,” Yggdrasil, which is actually a pocket dimension in and of itself. Yggdrasil serves as a gateway connecting our own universe (planet Earth, a.k.a. “Midgard”) with various realms in the Eä universe: AsgardVanaheimAlfheimNidavellirJotunheim and Svatalfheim from the Celestial Sea, Hel from the Underworld, and Muspelheim from the Abyss.

Zot’s World

Zot’s World is a utopian pocket dimension containing a planet resembling an idealized, “retro-futuristic” version of Earth that seemed to be stuck in the year 1965.

A virtual universe is an artificial environment, such as a cyberspace simulation, which has become sufficiently sophisticated to fully function as its own pocket universe. A virtual universe is usually by its very nature temporary, although it may eventually find a way of becoming self-sustaining.

The Grid

The Grid is a virtual-reality cyber universe initially programmed in 1983 on some former ENCOM servers. It has since been disconnected from the ENCOM mainframe and moved to a hidden location where it was further altered and expanded in secret by programmer Kevin Flynn.

The “House of M” Universe

The “House of M” was a temporary alternate reality created by The Scarlet Witch in 2005. She and several of her associates were transported to an alternate version of Earth, which existed alongside the real Earth in a parallel pocket universe. For a time, there was a certain probability that the new reality would supplant the existing Earth, but in the end, the “House of M” reality collapsed. The effects of the events that happened there did have an impact on our Earth, however.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a virtual universe created within the parallel universe of Earth-01.

Extra-spatial dimensions are like partial universes that overlay our own. (Parallel versions of them also generally overlay parallel universes, and may or may not exist in other, non-parallel conventional universes.) They are extra pockets of unseen space, energy and matter that can be accessed with the right technology. Because they rely in part on the spatial dimensions of our universe, they do not tend to have fully developed spatial dimensions of their own.

The Bleed

The Bleed, also known as “Hypertime,” is the space between universes.


Also known as “Subspace,” Hyperspace is a dimension that allows faster-than-light travel and communication without the effects of time dilation.

The Outer Void

The Outer Void is an extraspatial dimension on the periphery of the Multiverse, where all of the normal laws of nature break down. It is the original home of the Outer Gods.

The Phantom Zone

The Phantom Zone is a homeostatic continuum existing outside of conventional space/time. (It has also been called the “Buffer Zone,” the “Ghost Zone,” the “Stasis Zone” and the “Still Zone.”) It is a barren and insubstantial null area absent of any native physical material. People who travel into the Phantom Zone are no longer corporeal and exist only as metaphysical “phantasms” of their true selves. Though their minds and personalities remain intact, they can no longer physically interact with any other being. This includes direct physical contact as well as the power of speech. (Communication within the Phantom Zone is accomplished via telepathy.) As the Phantom Zone exists outside of the normal space/time continuum, those within it are no longer subject to the rigors of age or illness, rendering them effectively immortal – and they also require no sleep, food or air.


Pymspace is an extra-spatial dimension that can be accessed in various ways (including through the use of Pym Particles) to temporarily shunt mass to and from normal space.

The Quantum Zone

The Quantum Zone is a hard-to-access but nearly limitless source of potential energy. It can be harnessed by many who wield “cosmic energy” powers.

The Zero Zone

The Zero Zone appears work at the sub-quantum level to control and transcend the laws of nature. Many interdimensional portals and entire pocket realms are known to make use of Zero Zone science in ways that are nearly impossible to comprehend. Actual travel through the Zero Zone has been known to drive mortals insane.

Like extra-spatial dimensions, metaphysical planes overlay our own universe. However, metaphysical planes share abstract properties with our universe (mind, spirit, etc.) rather than physical ones (space, mass, etc.). They have their own spatial dimensions and corporeal substance, but these again are abstract and not bound by the same rules as the material world, and for this reason, they are often called “spirit worlds.”

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a metaphysical plane of existence tied to physical reality, which can only be reached by mentally projecting oneself into an “astral body,” usually by the use of powerful telepathy. It is the domain of the mind and the source of all psionic energy. Some realms of the Astral Plane are accessible only to unconscious minds. These are known as “The Dreamlands” or “The Dreaming.” The member of the Endless known as Dream makes his home there. The blue Infinity Gem known as the “Mind Gem” is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.

The Elemental Plane

The Elemental Plane is the domain of elemental energies. Like the other metaphysical planes, these elements are not found in material form, but rather as raw, abstract forces. There are four primary realms within the Elemental Plane: Dimension Aero (the realm of air), Dimension Aqua (the realm of water), Dimension Ignis (the realm of fire) and Dimension Terra (the realm of earth). There are also many lesser realms. In particular, five realms have been noted at the junction of the major realms: Dimension Glaciem (the realm of ice) exists at the hypothetical intersection of Dimensions Aero and Aqua, Dimension Fulmen (the realm of lightning) represents the union of Aero and Ignis, Dimension Flexilis (the realm of plastic) is somewhere between Aqua and Terra, and Dimension Metallum (the realm of metal) lies between Ignis and Terra. Finally, Dimension Lux (the realm of light), seems to touch all of the major elemental realms and is sometimes considered a fifth major realm unto itself. The home realm of Destruction of the Endless is also located within the Elemental Plane. The red Infinity Gem known as the “Power Gem” is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.

The Etheric Plane

The Etheric Plane is the domain of the soul, the place where the “life force” of all living things resides. It is also where the souls of the dead continue to reside if they do not pass on to the Afterlife, and for this reason it is sometimes known as “The Ghost World.” The Etheric Plane is the source of all life-force based energies, including “The Force” used by Jedi and Sith, and “The Emotional Spectrum” used by Green Lanterns and their kin. Death of the Endless also makes her home within the Etheric Plane. The green Infinity Gem known as the “Soul Gem” is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.

The Lifeweb

The Lifeweb is the domain of the morphogenetic energy field that surrounds all living organisms, and the source of many plant and animal-based supernatural powers. There are four well-known realms within the Lifeweb: The Green (the realm of plant life), The Grey (the real of molds and fungi), The Red (the realm of animal life), and The Rot (a.k.a. “The Black,” the realm of disease and decay). There are also believed to be many other realms tied to other forms of life, including radiation-based, techno-organic, and many more. Desire of the Endless also makes his/her home within the Lifeweb. There is a rumored, gold-colored seventh Infinity Gem known as the “Ego Gem” that is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.

The Mystic Plane

The Mystic Plane is the domain of magical energy and the source of arcane powers. It is the realm to which all of the remaining Faerie finally retreated from Earth in the 17th century. It is also the location of the Rock of Eternity, and it has strong ties to Avalon and many other realms in the Otherworld universe. Delirium of the Endless makes her home within the Mystic Plane. The yellow Infinity Gem known as the “Reality Gem” is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.

The Shadowlands

Also known as “The Land of Nightshades” or “Shadowfell,” the Shadowlands is the domain of darkness and night. It is the source of the “Darkforce,” a mysterious energy that is not well understood. Metahumans such as Cloak and Obsidian are known to tap into the Darkforce, and it is also believed to be the source of power for vampires and other undead creatures. Despair of the Endless makes her home here. The purple Infinity Gem known as the “Space Gem” is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.

The Temporal Plane

The Temporal Plane is the domain of time. It is the source of the energy known as “The Speed Force,” which gives the Flash and other speedsters their super-speed, and the plane itself is sometimes called “The Speed Force” by them. It is also the source of precognitive powers that allow some to predict the future – although such predictions are never guaranteed. Those who enter the Temporal Plane are rarely allowed to leave it, although Destiny of the Endless does make her home in a garden there. The orange Infinity Gem known as the “Time Gem” is believed to be able to channel unlimited power from this plane.


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