Secret History of Parallel Universes


Intro to Parallel Universes

Six billion years ago, when the renegade Maltusian named Krona tried to bend time, he accidentally split the space-time continuum into multiple, parallel universes. While these universes started as exact duplicates of our own universe in every way, the uncertainty principle dictated that differences would appear at the quantum level, and over time those tiny differences grew more pronounced.

For billions of years, the history of these parallel universes may have been nearly indistinguishable from our own. What follows is a summary of the history of select parallel universes from the time that they began to diverge significantly from our own.

Note that in some of the parallel universes, time passes just an imperceptible fraction faster or slower than it does in our own, original universe. Because the multiverse is billions of years old, however, even a fraction of a second difference per year could mean that that the relative timelines of the parallel universes currently differ by hundreds of years. Therefore, I have given all dates below according to the year in the relative universe's own timeline, and also for reference the approximate date the events happened with respect to own universe's timeline.

The Secret History of Earth-D

Time passes just an imperceptible fraction faster in the Earth-D universe than it does in ours, yielding about a sixth of a second difference per year, or one extra year in the Earth-D universe for every 187.5 million years that pass in our universe. As a result, the Earth-D Universe is currently approximately 32 years older today than our universe is. (In other words, it is 32 years further into its future than we are into ours.) In another 187.5 million years, it will be 33 years ahead of us. On planet Earth, it began to diverge significantly from our own timeline in 1980.

The Anti-Mutant Era

1980 on Earth-D (1948 in our universe)

Jean Grey was possessed by the Dark Phoenix. She returned to the home of her parents and, driven by Dark Phoenix's rage, demonstrated her powers in front of them. In our universe, this had led her father to disown her and cast her out. However, in Earth-D, her father understood that as a telepath Jean could feel the subconscious fear that her parents and sister felt in her presence. Realizing that this was causing her pain that she could not block out, he chose not to cast her out. As a result, Jean Grey was able to overcome the Dark Phoenix and did not die in the Shi'ar duel of honor (as she had in our universe). She married Scott Summers later that year.

On Halloween, Professor Charles Xavier and U.S. Senator Robert Kelly (an outspoken opponent of mutant rights) were killed by the Brotherhood of Mutants. The incident created a public backlash against mutantkind.

In the wake of the incident, the Japanese government began conducting tests on Japanese citizens with mutant powers, especially those exhibiting ESP.

1984 on Earth-D (1952 in our universe)

Anti-mutant candidates won both houses of Congress and the White Houses in the U.S. elections. As a result, other priorities were pushed aside and the Cold War never ended in this reality.

1985 on Earth-D (1953 in our universe)

The first Mutant Control Act was passed by Congress, but was later struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.

1988 on Earth-D (1956 in our universe)

The Joker attempted to kill Jason Todd (b. 1971 on Earth-D/1939 in our universe), the second Robin, but was stopped by Batman.

Rachel Summers was born to Scott and Jean Summers, and inherited Jean's psychic powers.

A new Mutant Control Act was passed by Congress, and this time was upheld by the courts.

In Japan, a young boy named Akira lost control of his psionic powers while serving as a test subject in a government ESP project. The ensuing explosion annihilated Tokyo. Akira was recovered and further tested, then placed in a cryonic chamber. Construction was begun on Neo-Tokyo.

1989 on Earth-D (1957 in our universe)

The Sentinels robot police force was reactivated in order to capture those mutants who would not willingly register under the Mutant Control Act of 1988.

1991 on Earth-D (1959 in our universe)

The Joker got his revenge on Batman by killing Jason Todd in the most gruesome, horrific way imaginable. Bruce Wayne captured the Joker and then retired as Batman.

1992 on Earth-D (1960 in our universe)

The Eugenics Wars began throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

1996 on Earth-D (1964 in our universe)

The Eugenics Wars ended. In the wake of the wars, several new governments were established including the authoritarian Republic of Greater East Asia in what is now Japan.

The Sentinels robot police force saved the planet from an alien invasion in July of this year. Public opinion of the Sentinels improved drastically.

1997 on Earth-D (1965 in our universe)

After 800,000 students walked out of schools across the Republic of Greater East Asia (formerly known as Japan) to protest the policies of the new authoritarian government, hardliners responded by passing the “BR Act.” Under this law, “unruly” classes of secondary students would periodically be selected to participate in a “Battle Royale.” They would be transported to a deserted island, where they would be forced to fight each other to the death on national television, with only one survivor.

1998 on Earth-D (1966 in our universe)

A dangerous asteroid was discovered headed towards Earth-M. Lex Luthor, the genius CEO of Lexcorp, helped modify the Sentinels to handle the problem and avert global disaster. The incident put Luthor in prime position for the 2000 Presidential election.

2000 on Earth-D (1968 in our universe)

Lex Luthor was elected U.S. President on a platform to restore America to technological leadership.

In the Republic of Greater East Asia (formerly known as Japan), the “Battle Royale” event saw its first escapees: Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa. The two students were declared fugitive murderers.

2001 on Earth-D (1969 in our universe)

Lex Luthor was sworn in as President of the United States.

In Boston, Bruce Wayne returned from retirement as Batman to take on a gang of street thugs known as the Mutants. He was joined by a new Robin, 13-year-old Carrie Kelley.

The Soviets launched a nuclear missile it at the U.S., but it was intercepted by Superman and exploded in the desert. The fallout blocked the Sun and created a magnetic pulse that disrupted the U.S. and created an ecological disaster, but no immediate loss of life.

President Luthor then asked Superman to stop Batman, who was becoming a “problem” in Boston. Batman fought Superman to a draw, but then appeared to die of a heart attack. In reality, Batman had faked his own death so he could resume his war against crime in secret.

The Mutant War

2002 on Earth-D (1970 in our universe)

Believing Batman to be eliminated, President Luthor turned the Sentinels robots on all superheroes, not just mutants, on the argument that they were all threats and that they were working together. With Luthor's innovations, the robots became near invulnerable and killed almost all of the rogue heroes, including Superman and the Fantastic Four. The rest were contained in concentration camps. Soon, the U.S. became an absolute police state under the rule of Luthor and the Sentinels.

2003 on Earth-D (1971 in our universe)

In the Republic of Greater East Asia (formerly known as Japan), several former winners of the Battle Royale event banded together as a rebel group known as “The Wild Seven” and conducted guerilla warfare against the government in an effort to end the Battle Royale for good.

2004 on Earth-D (1972 in our universe)

With his popularity at a record low and the country in disarray, President Luthor dissolved the government and refused to hold new elections, declaring himself dictator for life. He redoubled his efforts to find and destroy all superheroes and supervillains alike – anyone who might be a competitor or threat to him.

2005 on Earth-D (1973 in our universe)

In January, as Lex Luthor’s Presidential term officially came to an end, the Sentinels suddenly executed him and assumed complete control of North America.

2009 on Earth-D (1977 in our universe)

While prisoners together in the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center, Rachel Summers (age 21) fell in love with Franklin Richards (age 40). Learning about Rachel’s unique telepathic powers, Richards determined a hypothetical way to change the past, although he wasn’t certain if it would change their reality, or only prevent the present disaster in an alternate universe.

2012 on Earth-D (1980 in our universe)

With the help of Rachel Summers (age 24), Kate Pryde (age 45) projected her mind from her own body to that of her 13-year-old counterpart on our Earth in in order to prevent the murder of Senator Kelly in our universe. When she returned, Kate found that her actions had only affected the alternate universe, and not their own. In addition, only she and Rachel Summers had avoided a mutant slaughter carried out by the Sentinels in her absence.

2016 on Earth-D (1984 in our universe)

In another attempt to alter the reality of her universe, Rachel Summers (now age 28) traveled from Earth-D to our own Earth. Finally realizing that Earth-D was doomed, she remained on our Earth and joined the X-Men there.

2017 on Earth-D (1985 in our universe)

By this point, the transformation of North America into a war-torn police state had been completed. The rest of the world was in a similar shape, and the global economy collapsed.

To appease the masses, the puppet government of the United States had network television begin broadcasting a number of gladiator-style “game shows” in which convicted criminals were forced to fight for their lives on live television. (These shows had already proved very popular elsewhere in the world.)

2019 on Earth-D (1987 in our universe)

In Japan, Akira was awakened from his cryonic chamber and destroyed Neo-Tokyo, then disappeared.

Ben Richards, a former police pilot falsely convicted of participating in a food riot, becomes the first contestant to escape from the reality-television program The Running Man.

The Secret History of Earth-M

Time passes an imperceptible fraction faster in the Earth-M, or "Millennium," Universe, which yields a little more than five seconds difference per year, or one extra year in the Millennium Universe for every six million years that pass in our universe. As a result, the Millennium Universe is currently 1,000 years older today than our universe is - and currently that difference is accurate to the day. In about another 16,000 years, the days will no longer align, and in another six million years, the Earth-M universe it will be another year (1,001 years total) ahead of us.

This universe began to diverge from our own in the early 20th century on Earth-M, which was occurring at the same time as the Early Middle Ages in our universe.

The Early 20th Century

1914 on Earth-M (914 in our universe)

In the Andromeda Galaxy, the planet Krypton exploded. Thanks to the teachings of Jor-El, however, many Kryptonians had by this time left and colonized a nearby planet, Daxam, and were thus spared the cataclysm.

1924 on Earth-M (924 in our universe)

Thomas and Martha Wayne and their young son Bruce were mugged in Boston one night after an outing to the theater. No one was harmed, though, and Bruce Wayne never became Batman in this universe.

1933 on Earth-M (933 in our universe)

The planet Daxam faced a new disaster. The Kryptonians who had moved there discovered that they had developed a weakness to the element lead and were now being poisoned by it, a poisoning that was irreversibly fatal to them. Jor-El and his wife Lara were killed, and Jor-El’s 19-year-old son Kal-El (b. 1914 by the Earth-M calendar/914 in our universe) faced imminent death. Jor-El’s best friend Kel-Gand had also recently died, leaving behind a son named Lar-Gand. The youth was about 14 years old in Earth years (b. 1919 by the Earth-M calendar, which was 919 in our universe) and still in good health, but Kal-El feared for his safety. Kal-El remembered that his father had built a one-person “back-up plan” rocket when Krypton had been in trouble years earlier, and that the rocket was still functional and programmed for a safe planet in another galaxy called “Earth.” Kal-El placed his friend Lar-Gand in the rocket and launched it. Before doing so, he told Lar-Gand that he considered him a brother and gave him the name Mon-El, which in Kryptonian means “Always, Hope.”

1927 on Earth-M (927 in our universe)

WWI veteran Anthony “Buck” Rogers was lost in a mine collapse near Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania. Exposed to a strange, radioactive gas, he is put into a state of suspended animation.

The Minutemen Era

1938 on Earth-M (938 in our universe)

Hooded Justice stopped a supermarket robbery and inspired Hollis Mason (b. 1916 on Earth-M/916 in our universe) to become the first Nite Owl.

1939 on Earth-M (939 in our universe)

Orphaned as an infant in the closing days of World War I, scientist Gary Concord (b. 1918 on Earth-M/918 in our universe) had devoted his life to ending war. By 1939, he had become one of the world’s most knowledgeable military strategists, as well as a leading chemist. Sensing the coming conflict of World War II, he hid himself in a vast, underground research vault where he could continue his research into finding a scientific solution to ending war. He would remain there in isolation for over a decade.

Hollis Mason began to work as a police officer.

Edward Blake (b. 1924 on Earth-M/924 in our universe) debuted as the Comedian.

Sally Juspeczyk (a.k.a. Sally Jupiter, b. 1920 on Earth-M/920 in our universe) debuted as Silk Spectre.

The Minutemen “superhero” group was founded in New York City.

1940 on Earth-M (940 in our universe)

In July, the rocket carrying Lar-Gand (a.k.a. Mon-El) from the planet Daxam arrived on Earth-M. Although he had traveled through space for almost seven years from the perspective of someone on Earth, he had traveled much of that time at near light speed, and so time had traveled more slowly for him, and only about one year had passed from his perspective. He was 14 Earth years old when he left Daxam and only about 15 when he landed. He had amnesia when he first landed and couldn’t speak English, although he learned the language quickly and eventually remembered who he was. He found himself living in an orphanage in Chicago, where he adopted the Earth name Robert Cobb. He soon began secretly using his Kryptonian powers to fight criminals and Nazi spies. He developed a love interest in teenager Sally Benson, who gave him the alias “Wonder Boy,” and joined forces with Sgt. Crane of the U.S. Army Air Corps.

The Comedian attempted to rape Silk Spectre, but was stopped by Hooded Justice.

1943 on Earth-M (943 in our universe)

At age 11, Dick Grayson (b. 1932 on Earth-M/932 in our universe) saw his parents killed. He took to living on the street and became a self-styled vigilante. He was killed within a year.

Lt. Aldo Raine of the U.S. Army recruited eight Jewish American soldiers with specific instructions to get him 100 Nazi scalps each. Operating behind enemy lines in France, they soon became known as the “Basterds.”

1944 on Earth-M (944 in our universe)

Adolph Hitler and several high ranking members of the Third Reich died in a cinema fire in Paris during a screening of a Nazi propaganda film.

1945 on Earth-M (945 in our universe)

The Red Skull briefly assumed control of Nazi Germany, but was stopped by Captain America and the Invaders, who all died in the final conflict. Germany surrendered. Japan surrendered later that year and WWII ended.

Disillusioned with the Americans’ use of the atomic bomb against the Japanese, Wonder Boy (Mon-El, age 20) retired from crime fighting and went into hiding.

1947 on Earth-M (947 in our universe)

Silk Spectre retired from crime fighting to marry her agent.

The costumed hero Dollar Bill died while stopping a bank robbery.

1949 on Earth-M (949 in our universe)

The Minutemen disbanded.

1950 on Earth-M (950 in our universe)

After more than a decade spent isolated in his secret, underground science enclave, Gary Concord believed himself to be on the verge of producing a solution to end all future war. Then his laboratory was impacted by the shock wave of an underground nuclear bomb test, causing his chemical solutions to mix in unexpected ways. Instead of killing him, the fumes invigorated him, making him taller, stronger and smarter, but they also created a foam that overwhelmed him and locked him in suspended animation for centuries.

1955 on Earth-M (955 in our universe)

Wonder Boy (Mon-El, age 30) came out of retirement briefly to fight crime once again. However, he soon realized that he was now suffering from a lethal dose of lead poisoning, a condition that is irreversibly lethal to Daxam Kryptonians. He managed to save himself by projecting himself into the Phantom Zone, where he would stay trapped for a thousand years, the poison arrested from progressing any further. (The lead poisoning did make him immune to Kryptonite from that point on, however.)

The Watchmen Era

1958 on Earth-M (958 in our universe)

Adrian Veidt (b. 1939 on Earth-M/939 in our universe) debuted as the crime fighter Ozymandias.

1959 on Earth-M (959 in our universe)

Research physicist Jon Osterman (b. 1929 on Earth-M/929 in our universe) was transformed in the superhuman being known as Dr. Manhattan.

1960 on Earth-M (960 in our universe)

With its economy continuing to falter since WWII and terrorism on the rise, the U.K. started to curtail civil liberties. Costumed heroes were outlawed and strict limitations were placed on many other personal freedoms.

1962 on Earth-M (962 in our universe)

Hollis Mason (now age 46) retired as Nite Owl and revealed his identity to the public. Dan Dreiberg (b. 1945 on Earth-M/945 in our universe) contacted Mason about becoming his successor and debuted as the second Nite Owl.

1963 on Earth-M (963 in our universe)

Professor Charles Xavier organized his first class of mutant superheroes, known as the X-Men, at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters near Salem Center in Westchester County, New York. Soon afterward, President Lyndon B. Johnson asked Dr. Manhattan to eliminate the global “mutant pandemic.” Dr. Manhattan had soon de-powered not just the X-Men, but also other superheroes with mutation-like superpowers, including Barry Allen (The Flash), Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk).

1964 on Earth-M (964 in our universe)

The British government began calling itself a “Big Brother” to its citizens.

1965 on Earth-M (965 in our universe)

Walter Kovacs (b. 1940 on Earth-M/940 in our universe) debuted as Rorschach and teamed up with Nite Owl to fight crime.

1966 on Earth-M (966 in our universe)

Laurie Juspeczyk (b. 1950 on Earth-M/950 in our universe), Sally’s daughter, debuted as the second Silk Spectre and teamed up with Dr. Manhattan.

1968 on Earth-M (968 in our universe)

Richard Nixon was elected U.S. President by promising to send Dr. Manhattan to Vietnam.

1971 on Earth-M (971 in our universe)

Thanks to Dr. Manhattan, the U.S. quickly won the Vietnam War.

1973 on Earth-M (973 in our universe)

Two reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, were found dead while investigating the Watergate scandal.

1975 on Earth-M (975 in our universe)

Adrian Veidt retired from crime fighting and founded Veidt Enterprises.

Richard Nixon proposed a Constitutional Amendment to allow him to run for a third term.

1976 on Earth-M (976 in our universe)

Richard Nixon was elected to his third term.

1977 on Earth-M (977 in our universe)

The U.S. Congress enacted the Keene Act, which outlawed costumed heroes that were not sanctioned by the government.

1980 on Earth-M (980 in our universe)

The Comedian rescued U.S. hostages in Iran.

Richard Nixon was elected to a fourth term as U.S. President.

The government of Britain withdrew from the European Community and threatened to withdraw from NATO over what they saw as irreconcilable differences on economic policy with West Germany and others.

1984 on Earth-M (984 in our universe)

Richard Nixon was elected to a fifth term as U.S. President.

1985 on Earth-M (985 in our universe)

The Soviet Union conducted a bomb test in the Bering Sea, heightening the tension of the Cold War.

Edward Blake, a.k.a. the Comedian, was murdered in his apartment leading the Watchmen to uncover a complex plot. Toward the end of the year, an “alien” creature was teleported into New York City and killed millions of people. Dr. Manhattan decided to leave Earth.

The World War III Era

1986 on Earth-M (986 in our universe)

Rorschach’s journal was published, and the world became split over the official story about what happened in New York. Was it an alien attack or had America’s own heroes betrayed it?

1988 on Earth-M (988 in our universe)

Crime in the U.S. had increased 400% since the “alien attack” on New York. The entire, now abandoned island of Manhattan was converted into a giant, maximum-security prison.

On May 1, the Soviet Union declared war on the United States and its allies, citing information its spies had recovered regarding a U.S. plot to destroy Moscow. The Warsaw Pact soon invaded West Germany, and warfare erupted throughout continental Europe and Africa. With the exception of the U.K., the European nations all began withdrawing from NATO to preserve the peace.

In the U.K., social unrest and food shortages led to a greatly destabilized government.

In the fall, Major Vance Astro (b. Vance Astrovik) was placed into suspended animation and launched toward the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, some 4.2 light years away. As his ship, Odysseus I, was not equipped for faster-than-light speed, the journey was scheduled to take nearly 10 centuries. To protect him from aging, Astro was covered with a skin-preserving metal alloy body-suit, and his blood was transfused with a kind of preservative fluid. This was to be the last significant launch of the U.S. space program before NASA was dissolved and its funding diverted into military spending.

1989 on Earth-M (989 in our universe)

A civil war began in Mexico, as communist rebels supported by Cuba and Nicaragua, began to gain popular support due to food shortages and the perceived failures of the free market.

1990 on Earth-M (990 in our universe)

Max Rockatansky (b. 1970 on Earth-M/970 CE) of the Main Force Police in Australia was on duty as Australian society was quickly breaking down and certain inland areas had been designated “forbidden zones.” Rockatansky’s wife and child were killed by gang activity this year.

The civil war in Mexico ended with a victory for the communists, moving Mexico behind the Iron Curtain. Similar revolutions followed throughout most of Latin America. Meanwhile, Havana rose in prominence as the cultural and political center of communism in the Western Hemisphere.

1991 on Earth-M (991 in our universe)

The U.S. invaded the Persian Gulf, ostensibly to drive a Soviet-bolstered Iraqi force out of Kuwait and protect Kuwait’s national sovereignty. The situation quickly spiraled out of control, however. The oil fields of the Middle East to became terrorist targets and oil production was destroyed. Civil unrest and open warfare soon began all over the world. Countries began choosing their sides. (Most of western Europe and Africa, embroiled in their own disputes, remained isolated.) World War III had officially begun. The first nuclear weapons were soon used. The United States refrained from using their arsenal and managed to stop all such weapons aimed at them using their Strategic Missile Defense system. Nuclear weapon use by other nations was surprisingly limited and nuclear fallout was mild (such as in the U.K.) to moderate, but still had an effect on food production and the world economy.

1992 on Earth-M (992 in our universe)

In Great Britain, the government collapsed. After a brief civil war with various factions fighting for control, the Norsefire government came to power and restored order. They began rounding up illegal immigrants and minorities and sending them to concentration camps, ostensibly to avoid the refugee overcrowding crisis that was happening in America.

1993 on Earth-M (993 in our universe)

After receiving an experimental hormone, a prisoner (who will later be known as V) escaped from the Larkhill Resettlment Camp in the U.K.

1996 on Earth-M (996 in our universe)

Australia had become a war zone filled with roving bands of marauders. Max Rockatansky (age 26) helped one community, later known as the Great Northern Tribe, break through one such barbaric gang and get to relative safety on the coast.

Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 defended Earth-M from an alien invasion in July of this year.

1997 on Earth-M (997 in our universe)

V blew up the House of Parliament in the U.K. and was joined by Evey Hammond in his work.

Due to nuclear fallout in Europe, the Ukrainian wheat harvest failed, causing food shortages in the Soviet Union. This opened the door to a three-way peace summit between the U.S., USSR and China, ostensibly to end World War III. While traveling to this summit, however, Air Force One was hijacked by terrorists and crashed in Manhattan. Former special forces soldier turned criminal “Snake” Plissken was sent into Manhattan and rescued the President; in return, he was given a full pardon for his crimes. However, the peace talks failed.

In September, the Soviet Bloc launched operation “Red Dawn” and invaded the U.S. with ground troops north across the Bering Strait, and south from Latin America. The states of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas became occupied territory, as did much of western Canada. A limited number of strategic targets, including Washington, D.C., were also crippled by nuclear weapons. However, the communists could advance no further and soon ran into pockets of resistance from guerrilla fighters.

1998 on Earth-M (998 in our universe)

Thanks to guerrilla warfare and the inability of the communists to sustain their troops on American soil, the U.S. slowly began reclaiming the territory it had lost during the “Red Dawn” invasion.

The original V died, and Evey Hammond became the new V, completing his mission to destroy the Norsefire government.

A large asteroid narrowly missed hitting the Earth.

1999 on Earth-M (999 in our universe)

On “Black Friday,” January 1, the Volgan Republic of Asia invaded Western Europe, drawing the last neutral nations into World War III.

2000 on Earth-M (1000 in our universe)

On August 23, an earthquake struck Los Angeles, causing the San Fernando Valley to flood and turning a portion of California into an island, from Malibu to Anaheim.

2001 on Earth-M (1001 in our universe)

In the midst of World War III and a partial occupation by communist forces, the U.S. elected an outspoken Christian theocrat as President. His term was soon made permanent by amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and he instituted new  “Moral America” laws. During his campaign, he had called Los Angeles a “city of sin” and anyone not conforming to the new laws was exiled permanently to L.A., which was now surrounded by a containment wall with armed guards.

2011 on Earth-M (1011 in our universe)

By this time, a new civilization had arisen in Australia, and Max Rockatansky (age 41) came to a place called the Thunderdome.

2013 on Earth-M (1013 in our universe)

Cuervo Jones, a Shining Path Peruvian Revolutionary, seduced the President's daughter, Utopia, via a holographic system and brainwashed her into stealing her father's remote control to the “Sword of Damocles” super weapon—a series of satellites capable of destroying electronics anywhere on the planet. Snake Plissken was captured and forced to rescue the President's daughter and the weapon in exchange for his freedom and a full pardon for his crimes. Plissken successfully completed the mission, then used the weapon to disable all electronic devices worldwide. The diversion halted World War III for several months.

The Mega-City Era

2023 on Earth-M (1023 in our universe)

World War III finally ended. The U.S. had largely escaped nuclear damage from the war, and its population had exploded through refugees and immigrants. Work began on a vast Mega-City extending from Boston to Charlotte to host the soaring population of the eastern states. This first Mega-City would eventually hold almost 800 million people.

2031 on Earth-M (1031 in our universe)

At this time, Mega-City One was nearing completion. The U.S. government introduced a special new form of government to handle the problems imposed by such population density: the single-person justice system known as “Judges,” authorized to act as police, judge, jury and executioner.

2039 on Earth-M (1039 in our universe)

The success of Mega-City One inspired other areas to build their own Mega-Cities. In the U.S., construction began on Mega-City Two (on the western seaboard) and Mega-City Three (in Texas and the South), each designed to hold around 200 million citizens.

2047 on Earth-M (1047 in our universe)

Mega-Cities Two and Three were completed by this time, and the Judges had completed supplanted all other forms of law in all of the Mega-Cities.

2066 on Earth-M (1066 in our universe)

A new process of accelerated cloning was invented. Joseph Dredd, future legendary Judge, and his brother Rico were among the first clones created with the new technique.

2070 on Earth-M (1070 in our universe)

U.S. President Robert L. Booth abused the powers of his office, bungling diplomacy and starting the Atomic Wars by launching the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Other nations soon followed, and Earth-M was rapidly devastated. The Mega-Cities escaped direct nuclear attack, however, because of elaborate laser defense systems. Refugees from the “Cursed Earth” (as the area outside of the Mega-Cities is now called) swelled the population of the cities even more.

2079 on Earth-M (1079 in our universe)

Joseph and Rico Dredd graduated with honors to become Judges in Mega-City One. A few months later, Joseph arrested Rico for taking bribes, vice and murder. Rico was sentenced to 20 years on the penal colony of Titan.

2083 on Earth-M (1083 in our universe)

Mega-Cities One and Three went to war.

2086 on Earth-M (1086 in our universe)

The war ended between Mega-Cities One and Three. Mega-City Three changed its name to “Texas City.” Mega-Cities One and Two formed closer ties as “The Union.”

2088 on Earth-M (1088 in our universe)

All three Mega-Cities in the former United States cooperated to establish a moon base, called Luna-1.

2099 on Earth-M (1099 in our universe)

Judge Dredd’s brother Rico was released from the penal colony on Titan and returned to Mega-City One seeking revenge on his brother; instead, he was killed by Judge Dredd.

2102 on Earth-M (1102 in our universe)

The supernatural being known as Judge Death arrived in Mega-City One and decalred all life a crime.

2104 on Earth-M (1104 in our universe)

The Apocalypse War was fought this year, beginning with a nuclear strike against Mega-City One by East-Meg One. Prolonged fighting devastated both sides, obliterating East-Meg One and killing over 400 million in Mega-City One.

2114 on Earth-M (1114 in our universe)

The Judgment Day War (a.k.a. World War IV) was fought this year. Billions died as several Mega-Cities (including Mega-City Two) were overrun by zombies and then obliterated by nuclear bombs.

2134 on Earth-M (1134 in our universe)

Mega-City One’s population was reduced from 400 million to 50 million by a biological agent known as the Chaos Bug.

The Concord Era

2174 on Earth-M (1174 in our universe)

An earthquake caused Gary Concord’s secret underground laboratory to shift, causing the foam that had kept him in suspended animation since 1950 to drain away. He awoke and soon began calling himself “The Ultra-Man” and used his newfound super-human strength and intelligence to work his way into power, conquering the tyrant Rebborizon. He soon established a new “United States of North America,” with himself as its supreme leader, or “High Moderator.”

During Concord’s reign, North America would experience a surge of innovation, and new adventurers and heroes would emerge, including space ranger Rick Starr, space detective Lance Lewis and the Star Rovers.

2214 on Earth-M (1214 in our universe)

Gary Concord, Jr. was born to Gary Sr. (“The Ultra-Man”) and his wife Leandra, daughter of the former tyrant Rebborizon. However, Rebborizon would soon return and kill his own daughter before being killed in turn by Gary Sr.

2239 on Earth-M (1239 in our universe)

After his father’s death (of natural causes), Gary Concord, Jr. (age 25) succeeded him as the High Moderator of the United States of North America. Although his father’s chemical and political solutions had been intended to eliminate war, Gary Jr. soon found himself plagued by uprisings and embroiled in terrible conflicts with the warlord Tor and others.

2240 on Earth-M (1240 in our universe)

The new Ultra-Man (Gary Concord, Jr.) was put into a device intended to keep him in suspended animation until the 100th century. Without his leadership, first North America and then the world devolved into chaos. For the next half century, the planet was dominated by the Great Wars of the 23rd Century (a.k.a. World War V).

The Panem Era

2300 on Earth-M (1300 in our universe)

By this time, the political landscape was quite different than the world that had existed before. In North America, a new nation had risen from the ashes of the old. Known as Panem, it consisted of a Capitol and 13 Districts.

2319 on Earth-M (1319 in our universe)

A rebellion in the Districts of Panem was crushed by the totalitarian central government. One of the 13 Districts was obliterated. The annual “Hunger Games” event was founded.

2394 on Earth-M (1394 in our universe)

The 74th Hunger Games event was held.

2395 on Earth-M (1395 in our universe)

A second rebellion in the Districts of Panem resulted in the overthrow of the Capitol and the installation of a new government. The Hunger Games were ended. Gradually, civilization started to rebound and people looked to their history again for knowledge.

The Niagara Era

2452 on Earth-M (1452 in our universe)

Just as civilization started to recover on Earth-M, the aliens known as the Khund invaded. The United Planet Alliance came to Earth-M’s aid, giving it weapons and technology, but not soldiers. The United Planet Alliance had determined that Earth was too immature to yet be admitted as a member planet of the Alliance, and so this was a war that Earthlings would have to fight for themselves.

2454 on Earth-M (1454 in our universe)

By this time, the Khunds had captured most of the planet. An underground base built by rebels from Panem District 13 in Niagara had become the secret headquarters for the human resistance movement. Bombs dropped during fighting in what used to be Pennsylvania caused Anthony “Buck” Rogers to be dislodged from suspended animation, where he had spent the past 527 years. He emerged from the cave and found Lt. Wilma Deering and her company being attacked by an alien gang. He sprang to their aid against the attackers, and then was taken to their camp. Eventually, he accompanied Deering back to Niagara where he would become one of the leaders of the human resistance.

2458 on Earth-M (1458 in our universe)

Wilma Deering had by this time been promoted to Colonel. Under the leadership of Deering, Buck Rogers and others, the humans reclaimed Earth-D from the Khunds, who then retreated and abandoned the invasion. Deering and Rogers soon found another nemesis, however. One of their fellow freedom fighters, Kane (or “Killer Kane” as many had come to call him based on his treatment of the Khunds), consolidated his power base among his followers and tried to fill the power vacuum left by the Khunds by becoming dictator over all the world.

2500 on Earth-M (1500 in our universe)

Around this time, Earth-M’s Niagara-led government was headed by King Kurt and defended by the likes of “Skyrocket” Steele Dodge, Sari Marston and Invex the Invisible Man against enemies like Vance Roy.

2600 on Earth-M (1600 in our universe)

With finally peace restored on Earth, attention turned to exploring and colonizing other worlds. Over the next century, however, the government of the Terran Federation (still based in Niagara) became increasingly totalitarian in nature.

The Space-Tech Era

2700 on Earth-M (1700 in our universe)

Thanks to freedom fighters like Roj Blake, the totalitarian Terran Federation disintegrated into several smaller nations. Once again, Earth-M went through a century of devastating global wars, known as the Great Wars of  the 28th Century (also known as World War VI). This era produced many technological advances, including anti-matter fusion power, nega-shielding, gamma-energy blasters and warping mists, but overall the devastation of the wars caused society to be set back significantly.

2800 on Earth-M (1800 in our universe)

The Great Wars over, Earth-M began a period of extended peace and rebuilding. Previously devastated areas were reclaimed: sunken parts of California were raised from the ocean, etc. And new heroes like Spacehawk kept the Solar System safe.

The Legionnaire Era

2900 on Earth-M (1900 in our universe)

Earth-M was finally admitted as a full member of the United Planet Alliance. The city of Metropolis was founded and became the headquarters of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion was founded after Mon-El was re-discovered in his Phantom Zone stasis chamber, and records were uncovered of his heroic deeds from a millennium earlier. Originally founded as a “club” for Earth’s teenage superheroes, word soon spread and the Legion attracted young, gifted heroes from all over the galaxy.

2927 on Earth-M (1927 in our universe)

Using a bio-metal suit of his own design, 16-year-old Nathaniel Richards joined the Legion of Super-Heroes under the alias “Iron Lad.”

2929 on Earth-M (1929 in our universe)

Nathaniel Richards (now age 18 and going by the alias “Kid Immortus”) discovered the means of traveling between parallel realities.

2934 on Earth-M (1934 in our universe)

The Legion of Super-Heroes discovered that Nathaniel Richards (age 23) had been traveling to other, parallel Earths and conducting villainous behavior. They tried to arrest him, but he escaped to our Earth, leaving Earth-M behind.

2957 on Earth-M (1957 in our universe)

Recreating the experiments of Nathaniel Richards from more than two decades prior, Brainiac 5, the newest member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, rediscovered a way to cross between parallel universes. The Legion of Super-Heroes followed Richards to our universe, but found no trace of him there and realized that the trail had gone cold. While there, Brainiac 5 collected as much data for analysis as he could.

2958 on Earth-M (1958 in our universe)

The Legion of Super-Heroes again crossed over into our universe. This time, they made contact with the Superman of our universe, having made the connection that this was an alternate universe version of the same Kal-El who had saved the life of Mon-El. They would have many adventures with Superman over the coming years.

2961 on Earth-M (1961 in our universe)

The Legion of Super-Heroes made Superman's cousin Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) an honorary member and began having cross-universe adventures with her as well.

2967 on Earth-M (1967 in our universe)

The Legionnaire known as Ferro Lad sacrificed his life to kill the Sun-Eater, a sinister force that threatened to consume every star in the Milky Way.

2969 on Earth-M (1969 in our universe)

The Guardians of the Galaxy from the Earth-M Universe accepted Vance Astro, a.k.a. “Major Victory,” into their ranks, after he was revived following a thousand-year voyage in suspended animation between the Solar System and Alpha Centauri.

2974 on Earth-M (1974 in our universe)

While fighting the Badoon, the Guardians of the Galaxy from the Earth-M universe crossed over to our own universe and recruited heroes from our Earth to assist them, including Captain America and the Thing.

2977 on Earth-M (1977 in our universe)

The Guardians of the Galaxy from the Earth-M universe followed Korvac to our own universe, where they defeated him with the help of the Avengers.

2978 on Earth-M (1978 in our universe)

The United Planets fought a bitter war against the Khunds.

2982 on Earth-M (1982 in our universe)

The Legion of Super-Heroes battled Darkseid.

2984 on Earth-M (1984 in our universe)

The Legionnaire known as the Karate Kid was killed.

The Secret History of Earth-O

Time moves just an imperceptible fraction faster in the Earth-O universe than it does in our own, yielding about 2.71 seconds difference per year, or one extra year in the Earth-O universe for every 11.65 million years that pass in our universe. As a result, the Earth-O universe is currently 515 years older today than our universe is. (In other words, it is 515 years further into its future than we are into ours.) In another 11.65 million years, it will be 516 years ahead of us. On Earth, this universe began to diverge significantly from our own in the late 20th century. One important difference to note is that there seems to be a lack of intelligent alien life in the immediate vicinity of Earth (at least 25 light years) in this universe.

The Late 20th Century

1965 on Earth-O (1450 in our universe)

In the mid-1960s on Earth-O, a counterculture youth movement in the United States gained traction in what was called the “Little War.” The youth movement soon spread throughout the rest of the world.

1970 on Earth-O (1455 in our universe)

A variety of political policy decisions spurred by the youth movement, coupled with advances in medicine, drastically decreased infant mortality rates throughout the world. As a result, the world population surged.

1979 on Earth-O (1464 in our universe)

China implemented a “one-child policy” for all families. However, the measure proved unpopular and was soon weakened by policy reforms. The world’s population continued to spiral out of control.

2000 on Earth-O (1485 in our universe)

The population of planet Earth had surged exponentially, with over 80% of the people under the age of 21. There were shortages of even the most basic resources, and government-enforced rationing became the norm even in the wealthiest countries.

The 21st Century

2020 on Earth-O (1505 in our universe)

By this time, food had become so scarce that many people were left with nothing but unidentifiable rations from the Soylent Corporation to eat.

Four brown dwarfs and 14 gas giant planets were discovered orbiting the star Vega. Over the next 25 years, dozens of terrestrial planets would be discovered in the system, many of them prime candidates for terraforming. [Note: although some sources identify the Firefly series as taking place in the hypothetical 34 Tauri system, Vega is the nearest white star to Earth and makes the most sense.]

2022 on Earth-O (1507 in our universe)

One police officer discovered the truth about the food rations known as “Soylent Green.”

2035 on Earth-O (1520 in our universe)

The quantum nature of gravity was discovered, leading to rapid breakthroughs in gravity manipulation technologies and the invention of artificial gravity.

2037 on Earth-O (1522 in our universe)

The development of new space technologies accelerated thanks to new discoveries like gravity manipulation. This led to new terraforming techniques that promised to take only decades instead of centuries.

NASA, with the cooperation of several other international space agencies, began construction of a large space station with artificial-gravity called Elysium.

2039 on Earth-O (1524 in our universe)

Due to budget cuts, the space station Elysium was sold to private investors, who determined to complete it as a luxury space colony.
2040 on Earth-O (1525 in our universe)

Faced with clear scientific evidence that life on Earth was unsustainable, the governments of Earth’s nations developed a plan for evacuating the planet, using terraforming technologies to create a new home for the human race.

Construction of the space station Elysium was completed. It was placed in geostationary orbit above Los Angeles, California and declared a sovereign nation.

2042 on Earth-O (1527 in our universe)

Terraforming technology was tested on the planet Mars with positive results.

2045 on Earth-O (1530 in our universe)

Terraforming projects began on Venus and on the moons of Earth and Mars. However, all of these locations were abandoned within two years due to a lack of native resources.

2048 on Earth-O (1533 in our universe)

With the realization that the Solar System lacked the resources to support humanity, plans were made for a mass evacuation to the Vega system. The governments of Earth ceded much of their power to the Global Exodus Alliance, which assumed control of all of Earth’s remaining infrastructure and resources in preparation for the migration.

2049 on Earth-O (1534 in our universe)

The Global Exodus Alliance abandoned all terraforming projects within the Solar System and ordered the return of all spacecraft to Earth. Just beyond the orbit of Saturn, the crew of the Valley Forge spacecraft had been responsible for several large bio-dome greenhouses for vegetation to be used in the terraforming process. When told to jettison the bio-domes and return to Earth, botanist Freeman Lowell disobeyed the order and tried to save the plants.

2054 on Earth-O (1539 in our universe)

In Los Angeles, factory worker Max Da Costa was exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. His only hope for surviving was to get to the luxury space station colony of Elysium where there were “Med-Bay” machines that could heal him. Once there, he overrode the Elysium computers and brought chaos to Elysium citizenship and legal records. [Note that the film stated that this happened in 2154, but this was an error.]

2060 on Earth-O (1545 in our universe)

The Global Exodus Alliance published the “Articles of Alliance,” a constitution that superseded all other legal systems on Earth. As China and the United States were contributing the most resources and technological expertise to the Exodus Project, they took joint stewardship over the new global government with its capital at Elysium. Only about 2% of the nations on Earth refused to join the Alliance under these terms, and they found themselves isolated and excluded from the Exodus plans.

2072 on Earth-O (1557 in our universe)

The first fleet of robotic terraforming spacecraft departed for Vega, some 25 light years away. They targeted the ninth and tenth planets in the system, which were determined to be in the habitable zone and to have the highest chance of terraforming success. Traveling at a speed just over 20% the speed of light, it would still take the craft over 120 years to reach their destination.

2075 on Earth-O (1560 in our universe)

Pollution ran wild as the Earth’s cities were dismantled, ark fleet construction was increased and the planet was stripped of its remaining resources.

2094 on Earth-O (1579 in our universe)

Boarding began of the ark ships bound for the Vega system. The boarding process would take years to complete.

2095 on Earth-O (1580 in our universe)

In the face of a growing black market and criminal activity on the arks, the Alliance declared global martial law.

2097 on Earth-O (1582 in our universe)

The first ark ships began to depart Earth carrying colonists to the Vega system. Within a decade, 99% of the Earth’s population had evacuated the planet.

The Post-Exodus Era

2116 on Earth-O (1601 in our universe)

With the Earth polluted and depleted of resources, the last few remaining survivors sealed themselves off in self-contained, domed city-states. To preserve resources, they were forced to adopt strict population controls. They did this by setting a maximum age limit: when a citizen reached 30 years of age, they would be “renewed” (euthanized) to make room for a new citizen. Outside of these cities, life was supposedly impossible.

2195 on Earth-O (1680 in our universe)

After a voyage of more than 120 years, Earth’s fleet of robotic terraforming spacecraft began arriving in the Vega system , some 25 light years away. They began terraforming the ninth and tenth planets in the system, and quickly met with success. (Those planets would later become the capital planets of the Alliance, named “Londinium” and “Shinon,” respectively.)

2220 on Earth-O (1705 in our universe)

In the Vega system, which soon became known as “The Verse,” the first ark ships began arriving. Human beings began colonizing the terraformed Central Planets. Terraforming of the moons of these planets began at this time. Within a few years, helioforming had turned the system’s four distant brown dwarfs into artificial stars and terraforming had begun on the worlds in orbit around them.

2274 on Earth-O (1759 in our universe)

On Earth, the computer that ran one of the domed city-states assigned Logan 5 to seek the legendary “Sanctuary,” a rumored civilization where people still lived free. Logan 5 and his companion Jessica 6 eventually discovered that Sanctuary was a space colony named Argos that had been built out of the salvaged bio-domes of the Valley Forge spacecraft, now orbiting near Mars.

The Browncoat Era

2506 on Earth-O (1991 in our universe)

In the Verse, the Miranda Project failed, killing 99.9% of the colonists.

The Unification War began when a rebel group called the Independents tried to break away from the Alliance. Those fighting for the Independents were called “Browncoats.”

2511 on Earth-O (1996 in our universe)

The Unification War ended when the Independents were defeated by the Alliance at the Battle of Serenity Valley.

At age 25, former Browncoat officer Malcolm Reynolds (b. 2486 in the Earth-O universe / 1971 in our universe) became the captain of a Firefly-class spacecraft named Serenity and began working odd jobs, often illegal, in the Outer Territories.

2517 on Earth-O (2002 in our universe)

Derrial Book, Simon Tam and River Tam joined the crew of Serenity.

2518 on Earth-O (2003 in our universe)

The crew of Serenity discovered the secret of the Miranda Project.

The Secret History of Earth-Sim

Time passes just an imperceptible fraction faster in the Earth-Sim universe than it does in our own, which yields about a half-second difference per year, or one extra year in the Earth-Sim universe 65.2 million years that pass in our universe. As a result, the Earth-Sim universe is currently 92 years older today than our universe is. (In other words, it is 92 years further into its future than we are into ours.) In about another 65.2 million years, it will be 93 years ahead of us.

The Post-War Era

1992 on Earth-Sim (1900 in our universe)

World War III, a.k.a. “World War Terminus,” was fought. Despite the limited use of nuclear weapons, radioactive fallout ruined many areas on Earth. In the aftermath of the war, many treaties were signed to limit the military power of nations, while boosting the representation of corporate and humanitarian interests in the United Nations.

1995 on Earth-Sim (1903 in our universe)

The representation of corporations within the UN soon led to the domination of corporate interests over national ones. Technology rapidly become ubiquitous, and urban centers developed into mega-cities, such as “The Sprawl,” which extended across most of the eastern U.S. seaboard. The UN began encouraging emigration to off-world colonies, both in hope of preserving those segments of the human race at risk from radioactive fallout, as well as to secure added resources for the growing human population remaining on Earth. One emigration incentive was to give each emigrant a servant android, known as a “replicant.”

2019 on Earth-Sim (1927 in our universe)

Rick Deckard, a retired “Blade Runner,” was called upon to track down several of the Tyrell Corporation's Nexus-6 model replicants who had come to Earth illegally.

The Cyberspace Era

2030 on Earth-Sim (1938 in our universe)

Hardware specialist Automatic Jack and software specialist Bobby Quine used a powerful Russian “icebreaker” program to break through security systems and empty the bank accounts of notorious criminal Chrome. [“Burning Chrome”]

2032 on Earth-Sim (1940 in our universe)

When data trafficker Johnny Mnemonic found himself in trouble with the Yakuza, he was rescued by “Razorgirl” Molly Millions.

2035 on Earth-Sim (1943 in our universe)

In Chiba City, Japan, computer hacker Henry Dorsett Case and street-samurai Molly Millions discovered a new artificial superintelligence within the Cyberspace Matrix.

2042 on Earth-Sim (1950 in our universe)

Artificial intelligence within the Cyberspace Matrix, often manifesting in the form of Haitian voodoo gods, began to interact with humanity in various ways.

2050 on Earth-Sim (1958 in our universe)

Molly Millions became caught up in a plot to abduct simstim movie star Angie Mitchell.

The Consortium Era

2070 on Earth-Sim (1978 in our universe)

By this point, the U.S. government was run by a collective of corporations known as The Consortium. This year, David Hume, a senior police detective for the Citizens Protection Bureau (CPB) was partnered (against his wishes) with replicant police detective Ian Farve.

2087 on Earth-Sim (1995 in our universe)

When Eric Masterson died in our universe, his magic mace, Thunderstrike, somehow ended up on Earth-Sim. There, it became the basis for a new cyber-cult, the “Church of Thor.”

2099 on Earth-Sim (2007 in our universe)

By this time, rampant earthquakes and flooding from melted ice caps resulted in widespread global destruction. Much of the land was dangerous and uninhabitable. The Consortium continued to control nearly everything, most notably Alchemax (formed from the merger of Tillman Heath, Variable Dynamics and many smaller corporations), which owned the private police force Public Eye (formerly known as the Citizens Protection Bureau). A new generation of heroes began to emerge, including a new Spider-Man (Miguel O’Hara) in New York City.

2105 on Earth-Sim (2013 in our universe)

Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of the future on Earth-Sim, traveled to our universe.

The Secret History of Counter-Earth

The Counter-Earth universe is not technically a parallel universe, but rather a large pocket universe created by the powerful, extradimensional Beyonders as a “museum” of curiosities from throughout the Multiverse. (Note that this is not the home of the Beyonders themselves, who live in a dimension known as “The Beyond.”) In 1980, the artifical planet “Counter-Earth,” which the High Evolutionary had created as an almost exact duplicate of our own Earth, was captured and brought into this pocket universe as its crown jewel and centrpiece. Because this artificial planet was developed as an imitation of our own Earth, it continues to bear many resemblances to parallel Earths, and thus its history has been documented here.

The Evolutionary Seventies


In late 1967, the High Evolutionary evolved god-like powers and began to contemplate a new evolutionary plan. Abandoning Earth, he decided to start with a clean slate. He built an exact copy of Earth, hidden on the other side of the Sun from our own planet, and also shielded by a powerful dimensional barrier that kept it hidden (“out of phase”) and concealed any evidence of its gravitational field. Exact duplicates were made of many people, complete with false memories matching our own Earth’s history. However, there were also many differences, including the initial absence of people with extraordinary abilities.

While the High Evolutionary had intended for his new world to evolve into a paradise, he soon realized that the evil Man-Beast, had interfered with his experiment and that Counter-Earth had ended up resembling the original Earth to an uncanny degree, teetering on the balance between good and evil.


In April, the High Evolutionary began to sense that Counter-Earth was going awry under the influence of the evil Man-Beast. He asked Adam Warlock to intervene.


On November 3, President Richard Nixon’s two principal lawyers, Fred Buzhardt and Leonard Garment, flew to Key Biscayne, Florida, to recommend that he should resign in the wake of the Watergate scandal. On our Earth, Nixon was a leader in the clandestine organization known as “The Secret Empire,” and his hidden motives prevented him from resigning. The Counter-Earth version of Nixon, however, accepted his lawyers’ proposal. Nixon resigned the office on November 5. As Vice President Spiro Agnew had resigned just weeks before (on October 10), there was no sitting Vice President in office, so Speaker of the House Carl Albert of Oklahoma (Democrat, age 65) became the “38th” (actually the 2nd) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (1973–1974). President Albert announced that he would only serve for one year and requested that Congress amend the Constitution to hold a special presidential election on November 5, 1974.


The 27th Amendment was ratified, and the U.S. Presidential election was shifted by two years.

In August, after Adam Warlock defeated the Man-Beast, he departed Counter-Earth searching for a new, higher purpose.


On January 20, Gerald Ford (Republican, age 61) became the “39th” (actually the 3rd) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (1975–1979).


In July, Galactus, who had made a promise never again to attack Earth, instead came to feed on Counter-Earth. However, he was turned away by the High Evolutionary, who wounded him and made him retreat.


The Elvis Presley of Counter-Earth suffered a drug overdose on August 16, but was revived.


On January 20Owen Lassiter (Republican, age 67) became the “40th” (actually the 4th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth, serving two consecutive terms (1979–1987).

The Frigid Eighties


Intrigued by the artificial planet “Counter-Earth,” the powerful, extradimensional Beyonders took the planet and placed it in a pocket universe of their own creation, removing it from its hidden place in our own Solar System.


The Elvis Presley of Counter-Earth checked into the Betty Ford Center. He would remain drug and alcohol free for the rest of his life.

On Sunday, April 1, an extradimensional entity called “The Beyonder” (actually a “child unit” of the extradimensional alien species known as the Beyonders) transported several heroes and villains from our Earth to “Battleworld,” a planet he had created as a pastiche of different parts of Earth within the Counter-Earth pocket universe. There, he manipulated the heroes and villains to have several skirmishes, although a few—such as the powerful cosmic being Galactus—refused to participate and were merely annoyed by the disturbance. The heroes spent several days on Battlworld before returning to our Earth. Meanwhile, the Beyonder started constructing plans for an even more glorious Battleworld. [Secret Wars]


On January 20D. Wire Newman (Democrat, age 48) became the “41st” (actually the 5th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (1987–1991).


Following the resignation of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the U.K., the moderate but indecisive Henry Collingridge emerged as Thatcher’s successor and the leader of the Conservative Party. After being refused a cabinet post, Francis Urquhart, the party's Chief Whip, undermined Collingridge, forcing him to resign and claiming the office of Prime Minister for himself.

The Resurgent Nineties


On January 20Alan Richmond (Republican, age 61) became the “42nd” (actually the 6th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (1991–1997).


During his second term, U.S. President Alan Richmond (age 67) committed suicide in the White House. Vice President James Marshall (age 54) became the “43rd” (actually the 7th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (1997–1999).

In July, Air Force One was hijacked by Russian nationalists with the President onboard. President Marshall, a decorated Vietnam veteran and a Medal of Honor winner, was personally responsible for retaking Air Force One from the hijackers.


The Elvis Presley of Counter-Earth died from a heart attack on May 14 at the age of 63.


On January 20Josiah “Jed” Bartlet (Democrat, age 58) became the “44th” (actually the 8th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (1999–2007). He narrowly defeating incumbent President James Marshall (Republican, age 56), who was unable to overcome the scandal of his predecessor committing suicide in the White House.

The Early 21st Century


Speaker of the House Glen Allen Walken (Republican, age 50) briefly became Acting President of the United States, May 8–10.


On January 20Matthew Vincente Santos (Democrat, age 53) became the “45th” (actually the 9th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (2007–2011).


On January 20, former Speaker of the House Glen Allen Walken (Republican, age 60) became the “46th” (actually the 10th) U.S. President on Counter-Earth (2011–2019).


On August 28, a Russian missile strike to a defunct satellite caused a chain reaction of space debris that destroyed several satellites and space stations, as well as the space shuttle Explorer, which was currently on mission STS-157 to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Dr. Ryan Stone (age 49), a medical engineer on her first space mission, was the only crew member of the Explorer to survive after a harrowing journey in which she traveled to the Chinese space station Tiangong and used one of its modules to return to Earth.


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