Sunday, January 15, 2017

The bowl is half empty - 2017

Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers, winner of this year's NCAA college football National Championship game. Still, only four teams were involved and that's not enough...

Or is it? I have to admit, I only went through this silly exercise again in order to complain about how under-represented the "obviously superior" Big Ten was in the playoffs, and then the Big Ten went and shit the bed. Plus, Washington and Ohio State made it look like we don't need a playoff at all. So, whatever.

Then again, who knows what would have happened if we would have had a real, 16-team playoff. Because, no matter what happened and no matter what we tell ourselves, we didn't.

This is what a real playoff would have looked like...

Rose Bowl Bracket
1st seed Washington (12-1, Pac-12) vs. 4th seed West Virginia (10-2, Big 12) -- winner: Washington by default
2nd seed Michigan (10-2, Big Ten) vs. 3rd seed Florida State (9-3, ACC) -- winner: Florida State actually won this match-up

Rose Bowl: Florida State over Washington

Cotton Bowl Bracket

1st seed Ohio State (11-1, Big Ten) vs. 4th seed Louisville (9-3, ACC) -- winner: Louisville, just because Ohio State stunk worse

 2nd seed Oklahoma (10-2, Big 12) vs. 3rd seed Western Michigan (13-0, MAC) -- winner: Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma over Louisville

Sugar Bowl Bracket

 1st seed Alabama (13-0, SEC) vs. 4th seed Oklahoma State (9-3, Big 12) -- winner: Alabama

 2nd seed USC (9-3, Pac-12) vs. 3rd seed Wisconsin (10-3, Big Ten) -- winner: USC

Sugar Bowl: Alabama over USC

Orange Bowl Bracket

 1st seed Clemson (12-1, ACC) vs. 4th seed Auburn (8-4, SEC) -- winner: Clemson was the most impressive team in the post-season

 2nd seed Penn State (11-2, Big Ten) vs. 3rd seed Colorado (10-3, Big 12) -- winner: Penn State

Orange Bowl: Clemson over Penn State

Fiesta Bowl Semifinal

Florida State over Oklahoma

Peach Bowl Semifinal

Clemson over Alabama

National Championship

Clemson over Florida State


BONUS: The "N.I.T." of College Football

As is also my custom, I have also set up a second-tier 16-team tournament. I've included all of the conferences champions without a spot in the main tournament, as well as the next-best available teams.

1st seed Florida (8-4, SEC) vs. 4th seed Appalachian State (9-3, Sun Belt) -- winner: Florida

2nd seed Temple (10-3, AA) vs. 3rd seed Pittsburgh (8-4, ACC) -- winner: Pittsburgh

East Bracket Winner: Florida over Pittsburgh


1st seed LSU (7-4, SEC) vs. 4th seed Iowa (8-4, Big Ten) -- winner: LSU

2nd seed South Florida (10-2, AA) vs. 3rd seed Western Kentucky (10-3, C-USA) -- winner: South Florida

Southeast Bracket Winner: LSU over South Florida


1st seed Virginia Tech (9-4, ACC) vs. 4th seed Utah (8-4, Big-12) -- winner: Virginia Tech

2nd seed Houston (9-3, Big 12) vs. 3rd seed Nebraska (9-3, Big Ten) -- winner: Houston

Midwest Bracket Winner: Virginia Tech over Houston


1st seed Stanford (9-3, Pac-12) vs. 4th seed Navy (9-3, AA) -- winner: Stanford

2nd seed Boise State (10-2, MW) vs. 3rd seed Washington State (8-4, Big-12) -- winner: Washington State

West Bracket Winner: Stanford over Washington State

Semifinal 1
Florida over LSU

Semifinal 2
Stanford over Virginia Tech

N.I.T. Championship
Florida over Stanford