Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The blood

Hey everybody, I found some blood
Does anyone want to share the blood?
I’m gonna take and steal the blood
I’m gonna touch and feel the blood
I’m gonna make a meal from the blood
I’m gonna dip my heel in the blood
I’m gonna strike a deal with the blood
I’m just tryin’ to be real with the blood
I’ve got so much zeal for the blood
I’ll get a bag to seal the blood
That way I can conceal the blood
I’m gonna kneel before the blood
I’m gonna love and adore the blood
I beg and I implore the blood
Open my mouth and pour the blood
All you fools abhor the blood
I’ve got to get some more of the blood
Find somewhere to store the blood
All I do is for the blood
My pure and precious whore, the blood

—with Jason S.

1 comment:

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