Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mr. Romney, you can have my vote if...

I am a radical moderate, no bones about it. A pragmatist. I'm not beholden to any ideology, and I don't wear rose-colored glasses. I know that all politicians are dishonest and reprehensible, because those are the only people who would take those jobs, but I understand that they are also necessary, so I'm willing to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. My only hope is that whoever gets into office can get the job done.

In the past, I've split my votes pretty evenly between the two major parties. I still think Ronald Reagan was the best President we've had in my lifetime, and Bill Clinton was a close second. What I liked most about them was that they got the job done. They worked with the opposition and took care of business, and the country benefited from it.

Over time, and especially since Karl Rove orchestrated George W. Bush's failed Presidency, I have gravitated to the Democrats. This is out of no love for the Democrats, who are a bunch of self-righteous, snivelling boneheads. But the Republican party has degenerated into something much worse: a party willing to tear the country apart in order to be in power. They would rather sit on a throne of ashes than share a table of gold.

Where have all the moderates gone? The GOP used to be full of them. Mitt Romney used to be one. And if he still were, he might have my vote.

Mr. Romney, it is not too late. Here is what you must do if you want to sway me. And by me, I mean all of us. Don't worry about flip-flopping your position on any of these issues; we all know you're a weaselly used car salesman politician. Just do the right thing, believe it and be convincing, and we will follow.

1. Mittcare

The new "Obamacare" system that's in place isn't Obama's health care solution at all, it's yours. It's "Mittcare." It's exactly what you put in place when you were governor of Massachusetts. Take credit for it. Tell us that it worked for Massachusetts and that you know how to make it work for the country as a whole. Republicans have been championing it ever since you created it, and they only turned on it when Obama latched on. Don't run from it now: turn them back. Give us confidence that you know what you're doing.

2. Deficit

Stop the "no taxes" rhetoric and focus on your business experience. Tell us you'll do whatever it takes to get this country economically healthy again, just like a good businessman does whatever it takes to get his company healthy again. Your ruthless business record can actually work to your benefit here: tell us you're a realist and not afraid to make unpopular decisions that need to be made. If that means extending Social Security payroll taxes to the wealthy, so be it. If it means tightening spending, so be it. Talk about how the retiring Baby Boomers are an economic time bomb waiting to happen, and it's time for a real businessman to step in and put the house in order. You tell us you can save Washington like you saved the Salt Lake Olympics. But those are just words until you tell us you mean it. Tell me right now that you'll raise taxes on the wealthy, and I'll believe you're serious.

3. Freedom

This is the biggie, and why I'm probably voting for the other guy, Mitt. When you were governor of Massachusetts, the most liberal state in the country, you were open minded to civil rights. They may not have synced with your personal convictions, but you defended them. That was the right thing to do. Now that you're dead-set on becoming President, you're catering to the extremists. Yes, I know they vote in droves, but they are the minority in this country. We moderates are the majority, Mitt, and we moderates like our basic freedoms. Tell me you'll defend a woman's right to choose. Tell me you support the right of gay people to get married like the rest of us. Tell me that you don't believe the government has any business treating its citizens differently because of superficial differences, and that you still believe in "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all citizens. Tell me it is un-American to think otherwise.

Tell me those things, and you have my vote. Otherwise, my vote goes to the other guy, because he's already told me what I want to hear.

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  1. Great Post!!!! If Obama wins or looses is up to him now. By the would make an excellent politican. You know it's in your bloood thanks to your Grandpa. Have you ever considered running for Congress or the Senate Mr. President? You're a smart man and we need someone like you helping us.