Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ten simple things I love to order out

Cut and paste this into a Facebook note with your own list, then tag a bunch of friends (go ahead, they like it - that's why they're on Facebook!), so they'll do the same.
Here are the rules: list the top ten things (in no particular order) that you love to order in a restaurant to eat or drink. [Full disclosure: I totally stole this list idea from my girlfriend...]

Single malt Scotch or other pedigreed whiskey (preferably one I've never tried before)

Bone-in ribeye (runner-up steak: Fillet Mignon)

Pad Thai (chicken and/or shrimp, medium spice, no green onions)

Indian food (best to order small plates of a variety of dishes)

Pan-seared sea scallops (seafood in general: very, very good)

Pork chops or cutlet (these take skill to prepare without making them too dry)

Carrot sticks and hummus (a near perfect combination)

Iced tea (good and strong, no sweetener or lemon)
Sweet potato fries


All of the above prepared gluten-free, of course! There would be some pasta dishes above if I could still eat gluten - not to mention Käsespätzle (German cheese dumplings). (Mmmm... gluten...)

1 comment:

  1. My girlfriend's original list. (A little heavy on the gluten, but man these make my mouth water too...)

    • French martini... or basically anything with fruit juice & vodka :)
    • Sea bass
    • Fetuccini Alfredo
    • Carrot cake with real cream cheese icing
    • Prime rib
    • Champagne- the sweet (not dry/brut) stuff
    • Freshly baked bread with cold butter
    • Shrimp cocktail
    • Cheesecake
    • Filet mignon, with real Roquefort sauce like we used to make at the Findlay Inn. Daggone that was great stuff!!!