Monday, July 20, 2009

Recent movie tweviews

I have seen a few movies recently. Here are my ratings, along with a Twitter-sized (140 character or less) review (tweview?) on each:

***** five stars ("essential")
This movie had a lot more depth than I expected. There were some sad moments, some truly funny moments and moments that just inspired awe.

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
**** four stars ("recommended")
My favorite so far of this series. The story was kind of goofy and full of holes, but it had plenty of action and laughs. Baby t-rexes rule!

The Hangover
**** four stars ("recommended")
LOL hilarity. Keeps you guessing what happens next, and it's always worse/funnier than expected! Not for children or for the faint of heart.

Public Enemies
*** three stars ("worthwhile")
Interesting historical film. Well-acted by Johnny Depp. A little slow and over-long. Not enough of the insane Baby Face Nelson.

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